Swords of Eres Story Summary

School life, romance, sex, and sword play in this Sci-Fi adventure.

Motorcycle riding high school kid Rylan lives right and takes care of his baby sister Chloe. But one day a transdimensional gate opens on his front yard, and a beautiful sword wielding outlaw named Anya enters this world.

Now Rylan’s school life is turned upside down as he is pursued by Anya, who covets his ability to open Transdimensional Gates. Rylan’s only hope against outlaw Anya are twin teenage bounty hunters, Maya and Leif, who’ve crossed into this world on a mission to return Anya to their planet dead or alive.

ROMANCE- School Life – Sci-Fi- Sword Fights.

Written by Jay Direx

Swords of Eres Cover

Romance, Sci Fi, Het romance, Yaoi, Yuri, School Life, Action-Comedy, Original Light Novel, Tsundere, Himedere,

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Chapter 1- Gate

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Middle of Nowhere, New Mexico- Monday

Rylan pushed his motorcycle to one hundred miles per hour in the late day sun.

“Yay, go faster, Rilly!” cried his nine year old sister Chloe, as she held on tight from the bike’s rear seat.

On the last mile of road leading to their house Rylan opened the throttle and did a wheelie before skidding into their front yard. Chloe hopped off the bike exhilarated.

“Yaaa! Next time you pick me up pop-a-wheelie in front of my school!” she laughed running ahead of her sixteen year old brother.

Rylan smirked, “Ha ha! No! I don’t think your teachers would like that- eh?”

At that moment a surge of heat coursed through Rylan’s body.

“Oh no, Chloe!” he shouted, dropping the bike in the yard.

“Rylan? What is it?”

Rylan clutched his gut as an amber colored light surrounded his body.

Crap, this is happening again!

He fell down next to his bike, consumed by the amber light. After a second, he floated above the ground.

This is bad!

“Rilly, you’re flying!” shouted Chloe.

“I know, get back!”

Too late, the amber light expanded and surrounded Chloe, raising her off the ground as well.

“Ahhh!” she cried.

As Rylan and Chloe defied gravity, the amber glow surged out of their bodies and re-appeared as a condensed oval shaped orb floating in their yard. The siblings dropped to the ground staring at the pulsating glowing oval orb in front of them.

“What is it?” whimpered Chloe.

“I don’t know but-“

Suddenly the glowing orb ejected a large black object directly at Rylan and Chloe.

“Chloe watchout!”

Rylan dove and pushed Chloe out of the way of the flying object. As Rylan clutched his sister he glanced at the ejected thing, and couldn’t believe his eyes.

What the heck? That flying object is a woman!

A black haired woman hurtled through the air backwards and landed on her ass with a thud.

“Oww!” she cried.

The woman wore all black leather and held a weapon in her right hand and a strange smartphone-like device strapped on her left wrist. Rylan gaped at her speechless.

The woman raised herself off the ground and shot a glance at Rylan and Chloe, before walking toward them with a cold smile.

“Hello! So you’re the grounders aren’t you?” asked the woman.

Rylan kept his eye on her weapon, a pistol of some kind, as he shielded Chloe behind him.

“Lady, I don’t know what you’re talking ab-”

“Haha, don’t be stupid boy! I know who you are! It’s not my first time here,” she said to Rylan before dropping to her knee and scrolling information on a screen on her left wrist. Satisfied, she turned and stared intently at Chloe.

“Oh my little girl, you are a strong grounder..Honey, would you like to come with me?” asked the woman to Chloe.

Chloe hid her face in Rylan’s back, “Rylan!” she cried.

“Nobody’s going anywhere with you lady!” yelled Rylan at the woman.

The woman’s face shifted to evil as she squinted and walked closer to Rylan, and he took full view of her beauty.

“Oh? Do you like what you see?” she asked.

“Uh…what?” answered Rylan, fully thrown off.

“Hee, silly boy, the only reason I haven’t killed you- Eh? Oh crap!” she shouted turning toward the floating orb.

The orb, still in the yard, ejected three large metal objects directly at the woman and the siblings. The objects, the size and shape of giant steel oil barrels, flew too fast for Rylan to dodge.

“Oh no! Chlo-”

“Shield full power!” yelled the woman throwing her left arm up and forming a translucent force field around her, and the siblings. The three barrel shaped objects slammed into her force field and bounced back spinning, attempting to stabilize in the air.

“Come on you cheap sentinels!” yelled the woman as she rushed at the closest object, a sentinel is what she called it, and fired a red blast from her hand weapon, destroying it.

She fired two more shots at the remaining sentinels, but they deployed their own shields and returned fire at the woman from somewhere in their metal frames.

With a shootout raging in his yard, Rylan grabbed Chloe and ran toward the house. One of the floating sentinels reacted to his motion and pursued him, but didn’t fire. As it reached Rylan it stopped in mid air, refocused, and flew back to attack the woman in black.

What?..It didn’t attack me. Why?

Rylan ran with Chloe into the house and hid her in his closet.

“Chloe, stay in here, and don’t come out until I come back for you!”

“Rylan, don’t leave me!”

“Don’t argue!” shouted Rylan as he reached under his bed and pulled a twelve gauge shotgun.

I don’t know what’s going on out there but no one’s taking my sister!

Rylan pumped a round in the chamber and ran toward the open front door with a full view of the woman still fighting the sentinels. Only now her weapon changed from a handgun to..

A sword? When did she get that?

The sentinels flanked and attacked the woman, one flying on each side. But the woman’s speed and skill with her force field and sword were too much for them.

“Ha! You think these flying trash cans stop me you brats! Raaah!” screamed the woman, parrying and striking the attacking objects.

Whoa..this lady can fight!

Rylan witnessed the woman, spin, block, slice and completely destroy the remaining two sentinels, their metal corpses burning on his lawn. Satisfied, the woman faced Rylan and smiled as he aimed his shotgun at her.

“You’re Rylan right? My name is Anya nice to meet you!”

With the fires of the destroyed sentinels spewing smoke around her, the woman called Anya walked toward Rylan.

“Don’t come any closer!” he shouted, ready to shoot.

The woman stopped walking, her sword retracting into the base of the hilt.

Whoa..her sword disappeared!

The woman advanced toward him again, smiling.

“Eeh? But Rylan, why can’t I come close to you? I won’t bite you…unless you want me too, handsome, hee hee!” said the woman.

Rylan wanted her to leave, but he needed answers. Trembling, he asked her.

“Anya…is that your name? …Tell me what’s happening here.”

Anya stepped back perplexed. “What’s happening? Haha, You’re a cute boy with no clue, but don’t worry, I see your potential.”

Anya’s strange charm, and knockout looks, distracted Rylan.

Why is this beautiful woman here? What does she want?

The floating orb in the yard pulsated again, and Anya reacted.

“Damn! That rift’s still open and I used too much juice!” she growled.

Anya raised her left shield arm and fired a force field around the oval orb. On contact the orb vibrated violently, as something, tried to escape from inside.

“Those fucking brats are still after me!” yelled Anya, shooting an evil smile at Rylan before dashing toward his motorcycle and jumping on top of it.

“Hey! Wait, that’s my bike!” he yelled.

“Sorry lover, I gotta go!” she yelled back, kicking the motorbike to life in an instant and taking off.

“What the- No, no! Lady, hey!” shouted Rylan running off the porch and firing a shot at Anya.

Anya flipped her left arm behind her and blocked the buckshot with a force field. She spun right and her sword handle ‘shifted’ before Rylan’s eyes into the ‘handgun’ she wielded before. Anya then fired a shot near his feet, blowing him sideways.

“Aaah! You thief, I’m calling the cops!” he howled at Anya from the ground, unhurt.

“Don’t worry lover, I’ll get you a new bike!” she yelled back while flipping Rylan ‘the bird.’

As Anya disappeared down the road on his motorcycle. Rylan could only stare at her black hair whipping in the wind, in disbelief.

“Seriously? A beautiful woman from nowhere just stole my bike and flipped me off.”

“Rylan look!” shouted Chloe pointing at the glowing orb in the yard.

“Chloe? Why are you out here? I told you to stay-”

A crash sound echoed in the yard as Anya’s force field covering the orb shattered and two new flying objects hurtled into Rylan and Chloe’s yard. Arriving the same way Anya did.

The first new flying object was a young lady. “Aaaaaah! Ooof!” she cried landing on her face with a thud.

The second flying object, a young man, “Siiiiiiis? Ooof!” he cried, landing on his side with a thud.

And after that, the floating amber orb in Rylan’s yard flickered and disappeared.

“What the heck? That orb thing is gone,” said Rylan to Chloe.


Rylan and Chloe turned their attention to the two new strangers now standing in their yard. The female stood up first, surveyed her surroundings, and spoke.

“Oi! I don’t see her body anywhere, but I see three busted sentinels!” she said pointing at the three burning metal objects the woman called Anya destroyed.

“Of course, Sis! What’d you expect it’s Anya!” replied the young man, standing and dusting himself off.

Rylan and Chloe observed the young strangers. Not in fear but in quiet curiosity. They wore similar dark leather garments as Anya’s, form fitting and seemingly designed for combat.

The two also displayed holstered weapons and smartphone like wrist devices on their left arms and Rylan could tell they were teenagers. He caught something else about them. Although the male stranger stood taller than the female, and had darker brown hair than hers, their faces were definitely..


“Rylan, they look like they’re brother and sister!” said a sleepy eyed Chloe.

“Chloe, go in the house,” whispered Rylan to Chloe as he pumped another shell in his shotgun.

Chloe inched her way back on the porch and her movement caught the eye of the teenage strangers in the yard. The female turned and stared at Rylan holding his shotgun, and whispered.


Her young male partner suddenly dashed straight at Rylan, a sword forming from the hilt of his weapon, the same way Anya’s did.

“Holy he-”

Rylan fired a blast from his shotgun at the speeding young attacker, but the attacker blocked the shot with a force field from his left wrist. Before Rylan could re-load, the attacker smacked the shotgun out of his hand with the broad side of his sword.

Ah…he’s so fast!

Too fast for Rylan, the strike forced him on his rear as the attacker drew his sword back…

..for the finishing blow.


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Chapter 2- Strangers


Rylan couldn’t dodge the oncoming sword strike of the young assailant.


But Chloe saw him coming.

“No!” she cried.

Leaping to defend her brother, Chloe opened her hands and intercepted the young attacker by blasting him with a pulse of energy from inside her palms.

“Aaaah!” cried the young attacker, hurtling backward and hitting the ground with a tumble.

Rylan glanced up at Chloe standing above him with her hands out protecting him. In her palms, fading pulses of amber light.

“Chloe…How’d you do that?” he asked her.

She stared at her palms.

“…I-I don’t know.”

Rylan stayed calm and lifted himself off the ground, and to his surprise he found the attacker and his female partner no longer hostile.

“Maya-baby-sis, I think they’re grounders!” said the young male attacker gesturing at Rylan and Chloe and checking himself for injury.

“Yes, Leif, I can see that. That little brat can even control it, how interesting!” said the young female, named Maya, squinting at Chloe.

“Hey I ain’t no brat!” cried Chloe.

“Yeah, don’t call my sister no brat, and get out of our yard!” shouted Rylan.

The strangers ignored him.

“I can’t believe we’re out fifty thousand creds on these junk sentinels!” said Maya, her attention back on the burning metal destroyed by Anya.

“Then we’ll salvage them!” said Leif.

“Salvage them? For what? We ain’t got the juice to-”

Rylan watched stunned as the twin strangers argued, in his yard, for a full minute about their next move, before turning back to him and Chloe again.

“Hey, grounder, do you have a transportation unit?” yelled Maya to Rylan.

“It’s called a ‘car,’ dear sister~”

“Shut-up-Leif, I got this. Hey yeah, we need your ‘car’!” she yelled again.

Rylan’s eyes twitched with annoyance. Who were all these people threatening him, setting his yard on fire, and stealing his property?

“No! You can’t have our car! What the hell’s the matter with you?” He yelled back, shotgun in hand.

Maya and Leif reacted to Rylan with puzzled faces.

“Hunh? Maybe he has a death wish. Should I kill him baby-sis?” asked Leif flashing his sword.

“No, you can’t kill him. Him and that little girl are like the only grounders on this planet. We need them alive.”

“Yeah, but we need his car too!”

“Don’t worry he’ll give it to us!” said Maya with a grin.

Rylan stood his ground while the young stranger named Maya walked toward him with a hop in her step.

Wait, is she walking over here in a flirty way?

As Maya neared him her face took on the same smile as the woman named Anya, who stole his motorcycle. She whipped her brown hair back as if…

“Wait!” said Rylan pushing his hand up to the advancing Maya, “Are you going to try to charm my car out of me? I don’t know, I’m sincerely asking?” he asked, sincerely.

Maya stopped walking and stared at Rylan, perplexed. She then stomped her foot in annoyance and muttered something evil before straightening herself again.

“Hello, my name is Maya, and the fate of your world rests on you giving me your transp- er- your car! ” she said smiling from ear to ear.

“Fate of the world, hunh?” Rylan rolled his eyes. “Too bad, no!”

“Yeah, and you called me a brat!” said Chloe.

“What?” squeaked Maya, stunned at their response.

“You heard her, you called her a brat, you should apologize!” said Rylan.

“Ya!” cried Chloe.

“Haha, yes, apologize dear sis!” laughed Leif in the yard.

“Shut-up, Leif!” growled Maya.

“Well, seems you’re outnumbered!” said Rylan to Maya. Taking a righteous stance, shotgun in hand.

Maya, still defiant but betrayed by her brother Leif, “I’m gonna get you Leif!” forced a smile and apologized to Chloe.

“I’m sorry I called you a brat, little girl,” Maya grumbled and faced Rylan, “Now that that’s settled, I need your car, and I don-”

Rylan interrupted her with his hand up, cool and calm, “You can borrow our car, but I’ll need some collateral proving you’ll bring it ba-”

Maya’s sword flashed in Rylan’s face.

“Aaah!” he dropped back and pulled the trigger of his shotgun.

But nothing happened. Except a clashing sound, as Rylan’s entire shotgun barrel and half the chamber crumbled in pieces in front of him.

Wha- She sliced it?…When..How?

Rylan glanced at his severed shotgun parts on the ground. Lifting his head, he stared at her cruel scowl and…her pretty green eyes.


“Rylan, give her the car,” said Chloe.

“Yeah Rylan….gimme the car,” mocked Maya, still scowling.

“Uh, the car, right…let me get the keys for you!” said Rylan, trembling.

Ten Minutes Later -_-

Rylan sat in the passenger seat of his car with a look on his face that read, “This is not happening to me,” as Maya and Leif held him hostage and took turns practicing how to drive his 1986 Mercury Grand Marquis, station wagon.

“This primitive transport device fascinates me!” shouted Maya racing the car down the road.

“And such a handsome vehicle too!” said Leif from the back seat, sitting with Chloe.

“Eh? You really think so? Haha you guys are funny!” laughed Chloe.

“Not funny, you earth people are highly cultured in your art!” said Maya admiring the old dashboard as she practiced skidding into the yard.

Rylan had enough.

“Stop the car!” he shouted.

Maya screeched the station wagon to a stop and everyone in the car stared at Rylan. Rylan exited and opened the back door and let Chloe out.

“But I’m having fun!” protested Chloe.

“I know, but you and I both have homework and I have to cook. So go on in the house and get started!”

“Aww!” she cried.

“Aw nothin, go on!”

“Ok, bye Leif, bye Maya!” smiled Chloe, waving goodbye.

“Bye Chloe!” yelled the twins from the car.

Rylan watched Chloe run in the house before turning back to the twins. From outside the driver’s side door he spoke calmly.

“Ok, I heard your story…you guys are bounty hunters from another dimension..and that lady ‘Anya’ is the one you’re here to catch? Right?”

“Yes, and you and your sister are grounders, which means a ‘trans-dimensional gate’ cannot open without at least one of you nearby to ‘ground the signal’…and that means you and your sister are in danger grounder boy!” said Maya in the driver’s seat.

“Grounder? Oh..my name is Rylan.. or sometimes my sister calls me ‘Rilly’..”

“Eh? How wonderful! I wish my little sister showed me the same reverence. Hmph! I envy you Rylan-Rilly!” said Leif from the back seat, in a poetic manner.

Maya didn’t skip a beat, “Well, whatever your name is, I told you I’ll bring this transport vehicle-”

“Sis, it’s a car-”

“Dammit Leif, that’s why I don’t revere you cause you’re mean to me!” she pouted at her brother in the back then faced Rylan, “See what I have to go through? Now, I don’t have time for you anymore, Rylan-Rilly!”

“Eh? No, no, my name is Rylan. Rilly is a nickname-”

“Whatever! As soon as we catch Anya we’ll bring your car back here because the trans-gate will only open here,” said Maya.

After all he’d seen in the past few hours Rylan was open to believing anything. But the strange teenaged girl named Maya, saying she would ‘capture’ that super bad woman Anya…

…and bring her back….. in the 86 Mercury station wagon..

“Pffft hahaa!” Rylan clutched his stomach and keeled over laughing.

“Eh? What’s so funny?” asked Maya.

“Heh Heh, nothing…you guys go do whatever it is you need to do. If you don’t bring the car back I’ll just report it stolen….so yeah…good luck catching Anya or whatever…just, you know, go away!”

Rylan turned and walked to his house asking himself the million dollar question.

Who did me and Chloe piss off in the universe to deserve all this?

Meanwhile, in the Mercury Station Wagon

Maya watched Rylan walk away as Leif climbed in the front seat.

“Sis, I don’t think he believes in us!” said Leif.

“He’d better believe in us, if he knows what’s good for him, hmph!” pouted Maya.

With that she screeched the tires and peeled off in the ‘stolen-yet-borrowed’ Mercury station wagon.

The mission: Capture Anya. Dead or alive.

The Next Morning

“Damn, I’m exhausted,” muttered Rylan at his desk in homeroom. He had five minutes to close his eyes before the bell rang and class began.

He drifted in and out of sleep remembering what happened after the twins took his car. He recalled walking in the house and finding Chloe snoozing in her room and then him going to his own room, and passing out.

“Yo Bro, I didn’t see your bike in the parking lot,” said Rylan’s friend Carlos, who sat next to him in homeroom.

“Oh, I got a ride from a neighbor.”

“What do you mean bro? Your nearest neighbor’s three miles away. What happened to your bike?”

“It’s a long story, don’t worry about it.” Then Rylan remembered and opened his eyes, “Carlos, give me a ride to pick up my sister later?” he asked.

“Ha, eat shit and die bro, I got football practice today!” laughed Carlos.

“Man, what good are you then?”

Rylan closed his eyes and dozed off while the rest of the homeroom students arrived. His mind drifted to yesterday’s events. From Anya fighting those ‘flying barrel’ things to Maya and Leif shooting out of the floating orb called,

An Amber Rift. That’s what that girl Maya called that trans-dimensional gate.

Rylan clenched his fist with his head on his desk. When he remembered the amber colored gate a phantom energy coursed through him.

That energy..it takes a lot out of you…that’s why I’m so sleepy..

When the bell rang Rylan kept his eyes closed, and drifted. The homeroom teacher nagged the class to settle down, and they did more than that. They shut up.

The silence snapped Rylan awake to a new reality.

“Eh? No no! What the fu-”

“Hush, Rylan!” shouted the homeroom teacher who continued her announcement.

“Class this is Maya and Leif and they’re, umm, I’m sorry are you exchange students or transfer students?”

Maya stepped forward in her brand new school uniform. A navy blue blazer, white top, grey plaid skirt, bangs and twin tails.

“Good question professor!” she beamed.

“Professor? Oh no, you can call me Miss-”

“-Thank you Miss, I’ll do that!” said Maya, cutting off the teacher. “Now, as I was saying my brother and I are exchange students from the great nation of California!”

The class gaped at her and erupted in laughter, with a chorus of rowdy boys adoring the snappy green eyed new girl.

“Bro she’s fiery cute, I’m a get her number!” said Carlos, slapping Rylan’s arm.

Rylan didn’t care, he hid his face in the desk. He didn’t want to talk to~

“Rylan, why are you hiding?” asked Leif. “Class, my name is Leif Alexander and I enjoy the pop music that you all listen too, and that’s my friend Rylan-Rilly!”

The whole class stared at Rylan, who turned blue.

Oh no..

Rylan saw his whole social life vanish before his eyes, but the bad girls in the class rescued him by screaming for Leif.

“Aaaah! That new boy’s so fucking gorgeous, yaaaa!”

“Class stop this rude behavior!” cried the teacher.

Rylan sank in his desk until Carlos tapped him on the shoulder, “Bro, you know that new guy?”

“Uh…kind of.”

“Yeah? He looks like he works out bro, I bet he plays football!” said Carlos admiring Leif’s nice build.

“I wouldn’t know.”

“And his twin sister’s a baby doll bro! Hey, you think she got a man?” asked Carlos while staring at Maya.

Rylan peeked up at Maya, still talking in front of the class.

“Eh? A girl with an attitude like that? Who can say?” he answered.

“Nah bro, I like girls like that, she fiery,” laughed Carlos.

“Heh, you would.”

Rylan sank deeper into his desk as Leif took an empty seat near the screaming girls.

“Aaaah!” they screamed, while Maya took the seat behind Rylan and Carlos.

“Bro, she’s sitting behind us!” whispered Carlos to Rylan.

Rylan rolled his eyes, “Then make your move Romeo.”

“Tch! Watch this bro!” Carlos turned to greet Maya, “Hello, my name is-”

“Not now!” said Maya cutting Carlos off.


“And turn around too, I need to have a private conversation with Rylan-Rilly!”

“Uh..Ok!” said Carlos, facing forward.

Rylan ignored Maya and stared at the chalkboard in the front of the classroom while she pulled her chair close behind him and whispered.

“Rylan, I bet you’re wondering why we’re in your school?”

“Actually, I don’t care.”

“Well you better care, grounder! Because there’s a change in plans and Leif and I may be here for about two weeks-”

Rylan spun around.

“Two weeks? Why? I thought you were going to catch that Anya person last night and bring her back to your world…you know..last night!” he whispered.

“Right, it’s too complicated to explain but let’s just say that gate in your yard is out of gas, and needs two weeks to refill before it can open again.”

“Are you kidding me? So what are you guys going to do for two weeks?”

“Be good students, and protect you and your sister. What else did you think we’d do?”


Taking all of this in Rylan composed himself.

“Maya, you went looking for Anya last night, did you find her?” he asked.

“We lost track of her. But she won’t stray too far away from the gate or you and your sister. Don’t worry she’ll pop up before that gate’s ready to open, and I’ll have something for her, hee hee.”

“Yeah you’re laughing, but that woman seemed… really dangerous. Can you stop her?”

Maya perked her head up with an evil smile, “I guess we’ll find out, won’t we?”

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Chapter 3 – Chemistry

Third Period

Rylan sat in third period global studies with the weight of the world on his mind as he pondered Maya’s warning.

This can’t be happening to me. There’s no way a transdimensional outlaw and two bounty hunters have come to New Mexico to bother with me and my sister-

“Rylan!” shouted the teacher above the heads of all the half-sleep students.

“Yes ma’am!”

“Take that overhead projector down to gym storage and make sure you place it in the corner-”

“Yes ma’am, I know where it goes!” said Rylan, happy to take a break from class and do manual labor.

Lab Coat

Rylan hauled the overhead projector downstairs and through the empty gym. He whistled a happy tune as he stopped in front of the storage room door.

“Whistle whistle, gettin outta class, whistle whistle, let’s forget all the craziness!”

He fumbled with the doorknob but opened it still holding the projector, but he couldn’t reach the light switch. He stepped inside as the door closed behind him, leaving him in total darkness. But as he walked to the corner of the dark room and put the projector down, the door re-opened behind him.

Eh, coach Watts?-

The light switched on, and before Rylan could turn around…

“Hello! Maybe I should lock us in here, lover!” said a familiar voice behind him.

“No!” cried Rylan as he turned in terror, “It’s you again!”

Breathtaking, black hair, glasses and a white lab coat. Rylan stood frozen in fear at the drop dead beautiful Anya, who blocked the door.

“Rylan, how rude~” she said with an evil smile, gliding toward him.

“Eeeeep!” Rylan stumbled backward to get away from her, “What are you doing in this school? Why do you have me trapped in here?” squeaked Rylan, searching for an exit.

Anya chuckled again.

“Hee hee, oh silly! Why would I trap one of my precious students?” she said closing in, caressing his face.

“Hey I..What?” Rylan frowned. “What do you mean ‘student’?”

Anya reached in her lab coat pocket and produced her school faculty ID.

“I’m your new science teacher baby face,” she said rubbing her nose on his cheek.

“Wait!..T-That can’t be right! You’re lying!” he accused.

“I’m not lying silly, I’m certified and everything. In fact, if I’m not mistaken I have you and the twins for next period chemistry, hee hee!”

Rylan gave up. He collapsed back against the storage room wall while Anya post her arm up, not letting him escape.

“Lady…Anya..This is all coming at me too fast..just tell me.. what do you want with me?” he muttered, defeated.

“Hmm?” she pushed her glasses up, “Rylan, you sweet boy. I’m sure you know by now that I’m trapped here for two weeks, and even a girl like me has to earn a living-”

“Earn a living? On a teacher’s salary? Bullshit, you’re here to kidnap me and my sister so you can, I don’t know, do evil stuff!”

Anya covered her mouth with melodrama, “Rylan, how could you say these cruel things about me? Oh boo-hoo!” she hid her face to cry.

“Lady, are you serious? You stole my motorcycle and you shot at me!”

“Lies! I didn’t steal-eh?” she remembered, “Oh yeah, well I told you I’d get you anot-”

In a blink of a fraction of a millisecond, before she finished her sentence, Anya drew her sword and blocked three strikes.


“Yaaa! Too slow you fucking brat!”

Anya fought her attacker out of the storage room and into the large empty gym. Rylan chased close behind and ran into the attacker.

“M-Maya?” whispered Rylan.

Maya stood between him and Anya, scowling at the raven haired villain. Anya shot an evil smile back at her.

“Well, well, if it isn’t little Maya. What’s the matter baby girl, are you in need of guidance?”

“Don’t say anything to me you dead woman,” growled Maya, her hair clipped back in a wavy ponytail, “Rylan, did she hurt you?”

“N-No, not at a-”

“Why would you ask him something like that you fucking brat!” shouted Anya, leaping at Maya with her sword swinging forward.

“Bring it bitch!”

Maya charged at Anya and their blades clashed at lightning speed.

“No, No!” cried Rylan, to no avail.

Before his eyes, the two warriors parried blows as Maya spun three sixty, striking and kicking in her plaid school skirt and black thigh high socks.

“Getting slow in your old age Anya!” growled Maya as Anya fell back to blocking her strike, but Anya swung back and smacked Maya sideways.

“Ooof!” cried Maya hitting the ground.

“Aww, what happened little girl? This old lady too fast for you?” laughed Anya, twirling her black handled blade behind her back in a mock sword demonstration.

“Grrr! I’ll show you fast, yaaah!” yelled Maya, charging for her next attack.

Rylan clenched his fist.

Dammit, they’ll kill each other here..

At that moment the surge returned to his body and an energy coursed through him.

Eh? Is this happening again?

He raised his hands and saw the flickers of light in his palm as his doubts waned and he became..


Rylan turned and faced Maya and Anya. In an instant, he charged between them and knocked them to the gym floor while snatching the swords out of their hands.

“Oww!” “Ugg!” cried each girl landing on their rear, disarmed.

Holding both swords, and glowing amber, Rylan yelled at both of them.

“You two will not fight in my school! Do you hear me?”

He glared at the ladies, who gaped back at him. He then dropped to his knees, dispelling the energy around him, and releasing both swords.

“Rylan!” shouted both ladies running toward him as he collapsed.

Maya slid on her socks and caught Rylan before he hit the ground while Anya grabbed his collar and lifted his face.

“Rylan, sweetie, I’m here!” cried Anya holding his head up and checking his readings on her wrist device, “Well hello~ you have enough ampsediun flowing through you to open three rift gates you stud of a boy!”

Rylan regained consciousness while Maya and Anya helped him to a bleacher seat in the gym.

“Take it easy Rylan,” whispered Maya.

Anya checked Rylan’s pulse while reading her scanner.

“Hmm, a surge like that would have killed any average grounder, but it seems my Rylan here can control ampsediun,” said Anya turning to Maya, “And I suspect you knew this already, didn’t you Maya?”

Maya glared at Anya and slapped her hands off Rylan.

“Don’t touch him you witch!”

Anya smirked.

“Why you little titmouse? Do I make you jealous?”

“Stop it, you two!” snapped Rylan, now awake with angry eyes fixed on both of them, “No more fighting…and let’s get to class before the bell rings.”

“Hmph!” pouted both ladies, but they behaved.


Rylan and Maya helped Anya carry a bunsen burner and other chemistry supplies from the gym storage room to the science classroom.

“So was that why you were in that storage room, to get these supplies for class?” asked Rylan to Anya as they set up in the class.

“But of course!” she pushed her glasses up and pulled him toward her, “Sweety, don’t listen to Maya’s lies about me. The truth is she’s really the evil one, and I’m just a-”

“Ahem! I can hear you!” growled Maya, setting up the burner.

“I know you can, and the truth hurts doesn’t it?” snapped Anya.

“Ladies, please!” begged Rylan.

The bell rang and the chemistry class filled with students. Leif entered the room and instantly drew his sword before Maya grabbed him and settled him down.

“Sis, you’re kidding right?” asked Leif, wide eyed as Anya blew a kiss at him.

“I missed you too, Leif!” cooed Anya.

Maya dismissed Anya.

“Tch! Just go with it Leif. We can’t attack her in public, and besides,” Maya glanced at Anya and whispered, “She’s stronger than ever.”

As Anya wrote notes on the whiteboard, every student awed at her beauty.

“Now class, my goal is to make you the best chemists in all of New Mexico, isn’t that wonderful?” cheered Anya, smiling and clapping.

Rylan turned and gazed at all the slack jawed drooling boys.

Oh good grief, what a bunch of simpletons!

He raised his hand and Anya quickly called him.

“Yes Rylan? Do you have a question?”

“Yeah, do you have a name, Ms. science teacher?”

Anya blushed, “Oh my, I’m so sorry!” she hustled in her black knee high skirt and low heeled pumps to the whiteboard and quickly wrote her name.

“My name,” she faced the class and pushed her glasses up, “..Is Ms. Cesar…It’s a pleasure to meet you all, my precious students!”

“Pleasure to meet you too, Ms. Cesar,” chorused all the zombified boys, slobbering with lust.

“Hee hee, what a lovely class,” giggled Anya.

*Ms. Anya Cesar


Last Bell

The last bell of school rang and the noisy students hit the various exits heading for home. Rylan and Maya strolled to the parking lot to wait for Leif.

“Hey Maya, how and why is that crazy lady Anya now a teacher at this school?” asked Rylan.

“Easy, because me, Anya, and Leif can hack into any system on this planet. So she gave herself a job here so she can stalk you until that gate’s ready to open,” growled Maya.

Rylan shook his head, “Wait..so she’s going to teach science for two weeks and then try to kidnap me and my sister?”


“…So..what are you going to do to stop her?” asked Rylan.

Maya turned to him, “Eh? Just play along for a little while Rylan. I’ll have something for her when the time is right,” answered Maya.

Rylan frowned.

“When the time is right? Yeah, that’s not really comforting. I mean you say she’s a dangerous woman-”

“Rylan think fast, bro!” a shout from behind.

Rylan turned and in the sky a perfectly spiraled football bulleted toward him.

“Shit! Oof!” yelled Rylan as he jumped and caught the football in his gut.

“Great catch!” yelled Leif who threw the pass.

Rylan waved at Leif who stood with Carlos. Maya shook her head in disapproval.

“So I see my brother has discovered the school’s sports team.”

“Oh..yeah, we have a good football team here at Leadership High,” said Rylan with pride as he threw the football back to Leif.

“So you play this silly game too?” she asked.

“Heh heh, you kidding? All New Mexico boys play football, soccer and baseball!” laughed Rylan.

“Wait, there are more sports? Ugh, please do not tell my brother!” she said walking off.

Rylan chuckled and followed Maya as she pulled a set of car keys out of her bag and clicked the alarm button.

Hunh? I don’t have an alarm on my station wagon and- OMG!

Maya’s chirping car alarm didn’t belong to an 86 Mercury Grand Marquis, station wagon, no. The car alarm unlocked a brand new…

“2015 Dodge Challenger? When-Where-What the fuck Maya? How did you get this car in one night? And where’s my station wagon?” shouted Rylan, gaping at the crisp new car.

“Hunh? Oh, the junkyard answers all of your questions. Leif and I went there last night tracking Anya. While we were there we gave the junkyard owner two solid gold bars, and in turn he gave us his brand new car and twenty thousand of your paper currency.”

“Gold?..Twenty thousand? Maya, what are you talking about?” asked Rylan.

Maya rolled her eyes and opened the car trunk, “Do I need to spell it out for you? Man, you’re as dense as my brother!”

Rylan peeked in the trunk and inside sat a leather bag with twenty thousand dollars in cash and ten…

Gold Bars?

“Maya…did you bring this gold from your world?”

“Yes, it’s currency there, but worth a whole lot more here. That Junkyard owner priced one bar at one hundred thousand of your dollars. So I gave him two, and he gave me the car and that cash. No questions asked.”

“R-Really?..You know he ripped you off right?” said Rylan.

“No he didn’t, it was a fair price considering our circumstances.Technically my brother and I are illegal aliens on this planet. Now get in the car, I’ll drive!”



Rylan sat in the back with a disbelieving smirk as Maya raced the new car toward Homestead Elementary school to pick up Chloe. Leif blasted pop music through the stereo and yelled.

“Wuuuuuuu! Yeah, I love this car, why didn’t you let me drive sis?”

Maya shot a glare at him.

“Is that a rhetorical question or do you really want an answer?” she snarked.

The trio pulled into the elementary school parking lot as the Homestead students lined up for dismissal outside. But the rumbling engine and candy paint job caused every student to focus on the vehicle.

When Rylan exited the back he noticed all of the lined up elementary students staring. But not at him. All the little boys stared at Maya, and all the little girls stared at Leif. The only stares Rylan received were from the teachers and staff outside.

Oh boy, I hope we don’t make a sce-

“Chloe who are those people with your brother?” “Is that his girlfriend?” “She’s so pretty” “Is your brother’s friend in a boy band, he’s beautiful!?”

Tch! Dopey kids whispering…that’s how rumors start.

Rylan walked alongside Maya as Leif bee lined in front of them, having spotted Chloe.

Chloe’s Soldier

Leif felt uneasy all day. When Maya and him decided to stay and protect Rylan and Chloe they didn’t consider Chloe would be in a different school. Leif worried about Chloe, but now she spotted him and froze in place.

“Leeeeif!” she cried, stars in her eyes.

Three of Chloe’s little third grade girlfriends watched her and watched him.

“Chloe! Is he your boyfriend?” they chorused.

“Ehh? No, he’s a transdimensional bounty hunter from space!” said Chloe.

Leif nodded in approval.

“Ha! That’s almost correct” he said striking a pose with mysterious eyes, “And Ladies, my relationship with Chloe is professional, for I…” He locked eyes with the three little girls, holding them in suspense.

“Am Chloe’s bodyguard!” he said glancing away.

“Eeeeeehhhh?” screamed the little girls.

“That’s right ladies, I’m sworn to protect Chloe.”

Leif bent down, cleared his hair from his light green eyes, and pulled an amber colored flower from out of nowhere, presenting it to Chloe.

“Yaaaaaa!” cried the three little girls, who all fainted on the spot.

Chloe glanced down at her unconscious friends, then back at Leif accepting his flower.

“Leif it’s so pretty, but why did you say you’re sworn to protect me? Am I in danger?”

“Not as long as I live little one!” he winked.

“Ha ha, you’re funny, but you aren’t gonna die, right?” she asked sincerely.

Leif opened his palm and displayed a marble sized circular object.

“Chloe, my sister and I will be around for a little while. But I want you take this and keep it on you at all times.”

She gazed at the tiny glowing lights on its surface before taking it.

“Wow…is it a space marble?” she asked.

“Yes, a very special space marble. I made it myself,” said Leif.

“Oh, you’re very talented!” said Chloe, admiring the pretty object.

“Ha ha, thank you, but Chloe, if my sister and I are not around, and you find yourself in danger, you throw this marble at whatever person or thing scares you, and it’ll protect you, ok?”

“Ok, I promise I’ll keep it on me at all times,” she vowed.

Leif smiled.

“Good! Thank you Chloe, and um..maybe you should wake your friends up!”

Chapter 4 – School Life

Wednesday, The Next Day.

Rylan sat in the front row of the empty school auditorium processing everything. As of last night Maya and Leif moved in with Chloe and him. And the dangerous lady Anya is now his science teacher.

Seriously, this is all ridiculous and unbelievable! But I gotta keep Chloe safe for two weeks before that gate opens and those twins and that crazy lady Anya can leave! Then maybe my life can go back to normal.

The school’s last period was for club activities. Rylan, as president of the drama club, watched his two fellow club members operate a red painted dragon they’d built from wood and paper mache.

“Raaaah!” roared the dragon on the empty stage as it lumbered forth flapping it’s wings.

“Yes! That dragon is awesome!” shouted Rylan with a script in his hand. “Joanna, Miguel, you guys did a great job!”

The dragon pulled itself apart as Joanna and Miguel emerged from underneath, happy to be praised for their work. Joanna spoke first.

“Thanks, we knew you’d like it ..but..”

Rylan expected the ‘but.’

“But what Jo? You’re gonna ask me about the financing for the costumes and stuff, right?” replied Rylan, his head down.

“Hey Rylan man, missing the budgeting deadline for the festival wasn’t your fault. But the science club has a budget surplus man,” said Miguel.

The truth comes out.

Rylan raised his head to respond when the rear auditorium door opened. Rylan spun in surprise when the beautiful sophomore Rebecca Li, stepped in.

“Well, if it isn’t the president of the science club. Hello Rebecca, we were sort of talking about you!” said Rylan, greeting her.

“Really? Good things I hope!” said Rebecca with a smile. “Do you have a minute?”

“Uh? Sure!” said Rylan stepping to the side with the brown eyed Rebecca, who moved close to him.

“So, I’m sure you know by now that my club can help you with your drama club’s lack of financing for the festival,” said Rebecca.

“Is that so?” he asked, rhetorically.

“Yes, for as president of the science club, I can authorize you some money from our budget surplus to make sure your play goes on in the festival,” said Rebecca.

She stood so close to Rylan he felt her body heat, and smelled her shampoo.

Is she seducing me or insulting me..Damn she smells good!

“I always knew you could authorize the money, Becca…but I never asked you because, you know…I don’t want to have to owe you anything. That’s your club’s money,” said Rylan.

Rebecca stepped back surprised at Rylan’s response.

“Wow, I didn’t know you were so principled Rylan, how cute!” she giggled, and touched his face.

Eh? So I am being seduced

“Listen hero, I understand you need an actress to play the main character in your play, the princess. Plus you need financing for sets and costumes before the festival. So I say one hand washes the other and, you know, I get the princess part and I approve some financing from the science club for you. A win-win for both of us, right?”


“You know, Becca, you’re probably right, but…can I ask you something?”


“Did you even read my script?”

She backed off.

“Uh, I will read it..”

Rylan’s heart sank. He liked the idea of pretty Rebecca Li playing his princess, and was certain she would do well, but.

“…Bec..um..A lot of girls, boys too actually, expressed interest in the ‘princess’ role..and I promised them I would let them audition..”

Rebecca squinted.

“Audition? For what? Rylan, you don’t have the financing to get the play up!”

“Oh..well I-”

“Rylan, look at me. This is what’s gonna happen. You’re going to give me that script and I’m going to rehearse to be the best princess you ever directed, so you don’t need to waste your time auditioning all those girls or boys for the princess part-”

“I think you’d make a better villain if you asked me!” shot a voice from the sidelines.

Rylan spun left and there stood Maya with her arms crossed and an evil smirk, glaring at Rebecca.

“How long have you been standing there?” asked Rylan.

“Long enough,” she growled and walked toward them.

Rebecca crossed her arms and rolled her eyes.

“Maya? So you’re the new girl I’ve heard about, and rude at that.”

“Oh? I’m being called rude by the girl who demands the lead role in Rylan’s performance?” snapped Maya.

“Excuse me?” Rebecca glared at Maya. “You need to mind your own business!”

“Why? Are you Rylan’s girlfriend?” Maya smirked.

“What? No!” said Rebecca.

“Oh Is he that repulsive to you? I mean the way you just said no-”

“Maya, enough!” yelled Rylan, stopping Maya’s outburst.

“Hello, my conversation and relationship with Rylan are none of your business, new girl! And I’d watch my step if I were you!” barked Rebecca.

“So you two do have a relationship-”


Rylan jumped in and separated the cat-girls who damn near hissed at each other.

“Rylan, are you friends with this girl?” growled Rebecca, pointing at Maya.

“Uhh! Friends is a stretch,” he nudged her toward the exit, “And I’ll get back to you about the princess character-”

“What do you mean you’ll get back to me? The festival is in ten days and you still don’t have a princess, costumes or a set!” said Rebecca.

“And he said he’d get back to you, didn’t he?” interrupted Maya.

Rebecca planted her foot and faced Maya.

“Excuse you, who do you think you ar-?”

“-Maya Alexander, new girl, but you know that already!”

Rebecca threw ‘the hand’ at Maya. “What I know is I won’t let a nobody like you rile me up!”

She turned to Rylan.

“Rylan, you don’t have forever to think about this, and I will be the best princess for your play, so call me tonight when you’re not distracted by loud mouths who don’t know you!”

Rebecca kissed Rylan dead on his lips and shot a last glare at Maya before diva walking to the exit. As Rebecca left, Rylan watched all of her. Her hair, her legs, her red ponytail scrunchy.

“So, spoiled princesses are your type, hunh?” said Maya, staring at Rylan.

“Uh?..Well..You didn’t have to talk to her that way, that was rude.”

“Oh get over her!” Maya scowled and grabbed his face, “Lust is a stoic passion, Rylan. Remember that.”

“Uh,” lost in her eyes, “…I will..”

After a moment Maya released him and took in the full sight of the school’s auditorium.

“So this is a performance hall?” she asked.

Her innocent question threw Rylan off.

“Oh, yes it is, and I’m the drama club president. Even though there are only three of us..in the drama club.” said Rylan, still red.

Maya looked up at Joanna and Miguel flying the paper mache dragon on a string and pully across the stage.

“..Oh wow, how pretty~” she whispered.

“Yes it is!” agreed Rylan.

Maya turned to him.

“Rylan, I need a club activity for last period. I would like to join your drama club. I don’t need authorization do I?” she asked, squinting her sharp green eyes.

Oh my..

“No, don’t worry I’ll take care of it,” said Rylan.

“Good, see that you do. Now, I understand you have a ‘script’ for a story about a princess and a knight?” asked Maya.

“Yes,” Rylan dug in his pocket and pulled out a folded script, “It’s the story we want to show in the school fest-”

“Very well, I’d like to read it!”


The school dismissal bell finally rang and Rylan and Maya went to pick up Chloe, while Leif hustled to the football field for tryouts. Leif watched a full game last night online and understood most of the rules, but now was the real deal.

“Hey Leif, over here!” shouted Carlos, waving Leif over.

As a lineman, Carlos wore the crimson team jersey and Leif, seeing the uniform for the first time, wanted it.

“Wow, your shirt is lovely, where do I get one?” asked Leif, bright eyed.

“If you can catch the ball maybe you can earn one!” A deep voice shouted behind him.

Leif turned and faced two students, a tall player in full uniform who made the statement, and a blue eyed muscular student wearing a manager’s uniform. The manager greeted him.

“You’re the new kid, Leif?”

“Yes I am!”

“My name is Evan, I’m one of the student managers and this is the team quarterback, Taylor.”

“Quarterback? Right! I understand, nice to meet you both. If you like I can quarterback as well!” said Leif, too innocent.

“What motherfucker? Just run out there and catch the ball you idiot!” snapped the insulted quarterback, Taylor.

“Oh, sorry!” said Leif, who ran out onto the field waiting for the ball to fly his way.

Taylor rolled his eyes, “New kid’s a fuckin idiot,” he muttered to Evan.

“Yeah, well that may be, but you’re sounding like a sensitive little girl right now, so just throw him the ball!” growled Evan, scolding Taylor.

“Tch- Whatever yo~”

As Leif ran straight and pulled a button hook, Taylor threw the ball to the other side of the field, away from Leif.

“Whoops, my bad dude! Now go and fetch it!” yelled Taylor at Leif on the field.

Evan, standing near Taylor let him have it.

“You’ve been an asshole since practice started, get off the field!” he yelled at Taylor.

Taylor looked Evan dead in his face.

“Fuck you Evan, I’m the quarter on this team, you can’t te- OOOF!”

The perfectly spiraled football that flew into Taylor’s gut, knocked the wind out of him and keeled him over. Evan, startled, gazed out into the field where Leif, over fifty yards out, stood by the goal post, shouting.

“Hey! How come he didn’t catch it? Did I throw it wrong?” yelled Leif.

The football players, those practicing and those trying out, stopped and stared at Leif. The team coach ran over to Taylor and Evan, asking the burning question.

“Evan…did that kid kick the ball…or throw it?” asked the coach.

Evan paused before answering.

“I didn’t see him do anything, but I saw the ball fly…and coach.”


“….Kicked balls don’t spiral like that.”

The coach took his hat off and stared out at the smiling Leif, way out yonder.

“…No son, they certainly don’t…wow!”

From the field Leif saw all the players staring at him, so he politely yelled, “Do you want me to throw it again?”


After practice all of the players and tryouts headed for the lockers to change. Today the boys were exceptionally rowdy after watching the athletic prowess Leif performed on the field.

“Ho-lee-shit, bro! You run, jump, throw, knock mothafuckas out! Yo, you must be the truth bro!” cheered Carlos and a bunch of other players who quickly gravitated to Leif’s amazing skill, and innocent charm.

Not everyone was impressed.

“Ya’ll need to shut up with all of that! That pretty boy ain’t the second coming of Tom Brady!” barked Taylor from his locker glaring at Leif.

“Yo Taylor, you sounding like the second coming of a little bitch, making all that noise over there, bro!” yelled Carlos, defending Leif.

This only fired Taylor up, as he stepped in Carlos’ face.

“Yo Carlos don’t think I won’t knock you out-”

“What? Try it bitch! See if I don’t slap fire out of you!” Carlos pushed Taylor back.

Taylor, furious, threw a cross punch at Carlos’ face, only to have it blocked and a punch thrown in Taylor’s gut, knocking him back.

“Uggh!” cried Taylor, absorbing the blow and raising his head, only to see Leif, completing the combo with a roundhouse kick to his face, “Oh shit!”

As Leif’s foot neared Taylor’s face, student manager Evan stepped between Taylor and Leif and blocked the kick with his elbow. After blocking, Evan thrust a forward kick at Leif’s gut, but Leif blocked the kick.

Not done, Evan dropped down, spun and swept Leif’s leg, flooring the green eyed athlete.

“Ow!” cried Leif knocked on his ass and glancing up at, “Hey! You’re Evan the manager!”

Evan, ignoring Leif, grabbed Taylor and scolded him about sportsmanship. Taylor tried to argue back to save face, but being totally in the wrong he fled the locker room.

The players, boys being boys, all recovered and continued joking and yelling in the locker room as if the fight never happened. Leif joined the rowdiness, relishing the team camaraderie, but his curiosity overcame him.

Leif watched Evan change by his locker and stepped away from the crowd to talk to him.

“Hi! I’ve never seen an earth person fight like you! Do you train?” asked Leif.

Evan, hesitant, paused before answering.

“Um..a little, it’s no big deal,” he muttered, closing his locker and walking away.

Leif’s curiosity peaked. He grabbed Evan’s shoulder, spun him around, and threw a lightning fast three punch combo at his chest.

“The fuck?” muttered Evan, who in three smooth blocks, parried all of Leif’s strikes, and locked his body in position to fight.

All the boys in the locker room stopped and yelled, “Whoah, Whoah! Wassup ya’ll? Knock that shit off!”

Leif stared intently at Evan’s fighting stance, and smiled, “Manager Evan, you’re amazing!” he said.

Evan’s face moved from anger to puzzlement.

“What?..Dude are you fucking with me? That’s not cool-”

“Eh? No, I’m not teasing you I’m serious. We should hang out. I bet I can show you moves to enhance your style..and..you can teach me football!” smiled Leif.

“..I don’t know” said Evan, sincerely not sure of Leif.

“Oh, why don’t I see you in class?” asked Leif.

“Because I’m a junior and you’re a sophomore.”

“Right!” Leif blushed, embarrassed, “Well, do you have a car? I need a ride home, and If we ride together we can discuss technique!” he said throwing a shadow box combo in front of Evan.

Evan, although suspicious of Leif’s intent, couldn’t help his own curiosity.

“Are you asking me for a ride home so we can talk about football and fighting?” asked Evan.

“Yes!…And we should play pop music really loud!” said Leif smiling.

“Pop music? Ha ha, you’re a weirdo Leif!” said Evan, turning and walking away from Leif. “But it’s cool, I’ll give you a ride home.”

“Nice, what a great day today. I made the football team and I’m making friends with a fellow warrior!” said Leif placing his hand on Evan’s shoulder.

“Dude you’re definitely a weirdo!” said Evan, still smiling.


Chapter 5 – Rivals

Thursday, The Next Morning

“Let’s go you guys, we don’t want to be late!” shouted Rylan to his sleepy household as he packed Chloe’s lunch in the kitchen.

Chloe came down first, rubbing her eyes.

“Well, at least you’re dressed!” said Rylan greeting her with a plate of scrambled eggs.

“Ya, I saw Leif, he’s dressed too, but Maya- eh?” Chloe caught a glimpse of something in the front yard. “Rylan, is that yours?” she said pointing out the window.

“Hmm?” he mumbled sliding the window curtain open.

..Ah?..Well that’s just great.

Rylan frowned and stepped out to the yard with Chloe who ran in front of him to marvel at…

“Yaa! It’s a futuristic motorcycle from space!” she yelled.

“So it seems,” said Rylan.

Before them stood an all black EBR 1190rs sports motorcycle. A high performance, barely street legal beast, capable of speeds over two hundred miles per hour.

“Why me?” muttered Rylan, shaking his head at the beautiful machine.

Chloe hopped on the seat and grabbed the handles.

“Rylan, I don’t think this bike’s from space..Oh, I know, maybe that pretty evil lady bought it for you! Remember she said she’d get you another one?”

Rylan cracked a smile for Chloe.

“Yeah, that pretty evil lady said a lot of things.”

The house door slammed open and Leif charged out in his school uniform to ogle the new motorcycle.

“It’s spectacular, I must ride it!” he shouted hopping behind Chloe.

Rylan hesitated.

“Yeah, Leif..I don’t think I can accept this bike-”

Chloe cut him off.

“Leif, you have to give me a ride to school in time for everyone to see us because,” she blushed averting her eyes… “Because you’re my boyfr- um..bodyguard and all and it’ll be cool if we ride in together…I guess.” Her face beet red.

Leif spun toward Chloe and gave her the ‘nice guy thumbs up’ and smiled with a gleam in his teeth, ding!

“Fantastic idea Chloe, but I’ll only do it if you let me pop-a-wheelie in the parking lot in front of your friends!” said Leif.

“Yaaa!” cried Chloe.

Rylan intervened.

“Um…I don’t think that’s such a good idea Chlo-”

Rylan’s words fell on deaf ears as Chloe ran back to the house to grab her bag, eyes sparkling in love. As Chloe hit the porch steps Rylan glanced up at Maya standing in the doorway, shaking her head in disapproval at him.

“What?” cried Rylan, “You act like I asked for this!”

Maya smirked and stepped back in the house.

*Here’s the bike- EBR 1190rs



Five minutes later, Rylan watched Leif and Chloe zoom down the road and disappear on the new motorcycle. As if they rode it all their lives.

“Man, is there anything Leif can’t do?”

“Stop admiring my brother, he’s always been like that,” snarked Maya walking out of the house carrying both of their bags.

The duo hopped in the Dodge Challenger and Rylan, as usual, strapped his seatbelt on tight as Maya raced out of the yard screeching the tires on the asphalt.

“Jeez, do you always have to drive like this?” said Rylan holding his seat belt.

She turned to him with a scowl.

“Rylan, you need to be careful around Anya.”

“Maya, I never asked her for that road-rocket, I asked her to give me my bike back. The one she stole!”

“Well that may be the case but now, because of the way you charged up yesterday, she knows how much ampsediun you can handle.”

Rylan paused and faced her.

“What is ampsediun?”

She slowed the car down.

“It’s an extremely rare particle that fuels rift gates, thus allowing travel between dimensions…And … it’s the glowing amber energy you felt when the gate opened.”

“You mean the same energy I felt yesterday?” he asked.


“Ok, so where does ampsediun come from?”

Maya turned her head with a smirk.

“Where do you think?…Grounder.”

Rylan took a moment.

“Wait…are you saying me and my sister…make this stuff?”

She paused.

“Rylan….you really need to be careful around Anya. Because right now all my brother and I can do is wait and play defense until that gate in your yard is ready to pop again,” said Maya.

“..I will-”

“No! You’re not hearing me,” she calmed herself, “…When that day comes, and that gate is ready to open, she will make you and Chloe a part of her plan,” said Maya.

She stared at Rylan hard to sear the message. After a second he answered.

“I hear you..”

Later At School

Rylan took lunch in the auditorium while searching backstage for usable costumes. In a small dressing room he thumbed through garments hanging on a roller rack.

I know there’s a ‘knight’ costume in here, I saw it last semester. Damn, and there’s only one week until the fes-

“Did you like my gift, lover?”

That voice. Rylan spun and faced.

“No no no! Anya, you can’t keep stalking me! I’m calling the cops!” shouted Rylan, whipping out his phone.

Anya stepped toward him, beaming with innocence.

“Rylan! What are you talking about? I came to discuss the finances of your play and,” her eyes drooped in despair, “… I’m always so happy to see you but you say these mean things to me, oh boo hoo!” she covered her face and cried.

Oh good grief!

“Anya…Ms. Cesar..There, there,” he sort of consoled her, “W-What about the play finances?”

“Oh, so you’re interested in me now, hmph!” she pouted.

“Ms. Cesar…”

Anya perked up, and closed in.

“Sweet Rylan, since I’m the faculty in charge of the science club I can approve the surplus finances for you and your play…or disapprove them,” she said with an evil smile.

He paused, but stood firm.

“I can go around you-”

“No handsome, you can’t. Club charter states all club finances must be drawn from the school joint account. No outside financing. A way to prevent poor kids’ clubs becoming unequal to rich kids’ clubs in a festival.”

“How progressive,” said Rylan. He put his head down and calmly asked, “What do you want Anya?”

Her smile grew more sinister as she reached out and buried his face in her breasts.

“I want a lot of things Rylan,” she whispered, “…In due time.”

“Mmph- I can’t breathe-”

“But today I just want you to be happy with the things I can provide for you baby~”

His eyes shot up from her bosom.

“Seriously? Do you think I’m impressed with that motorcycle, ha ha no!” he pushed her away, “Ms. Cesar, if you want to make me happy then gimme back the bike you stole.”

Anya frowned.

“Baby, why do you want that piece of shit ba-”

“I just do, and it’s none of your business why,” snapped Rylan.

“Ok, you don’t have to yell at me!” she turned away in despair, “Why are you always so mean to me?”

Omg, this woman~ugh.

“Anya…I’m not going to play your game. Now yes or no, are you going to return my bike and approve the finances for the play?”

“Hmm..” She caressed his face, “All these things you want, but what if I say no?”

He tensed at her response, but Anya pulled him in and pressed her lips to his.

“Ahem!..Ms. Cesar!”

“Oh Rylan, you’re such a prude, and yes you can have almost everything you want, since I’m an agreeable woman….that is…provided my needs are met,” she hissed in his ear.

Rylan remained stone.

“Please don’t confuse needs with wants, Ms. Cesar,” he whispered back.

“Heh heh, clever boy,” she chuckled, “In that case, do make sure you follow your own advice.”

“Excuse me? What do you me-”

“Sssshhh~” Anya shut his mouth with her finger. “Patience baby… you and me are gonna speak again real soon about how you can get what you want from me.”

“What?” snapped Rylan.

“Not now, and don’t you dare tell Maya about this ‘talk’ if you don’t want me to make trouble,” said Anya, locking Rylan in a deathly glare.

He stumbled back.

..S-She’s serious..

As Rylan stood frozen, Anya glanced at the exit door and straightened herself up.

“Hmm, someone’s coming. Look sharp Rylan and remember to keep your mouth shut if you know what’s good for you!”


Excited about his first official practice today, Leif ate lunch in the school weight room while he took an early workout. Carlos and a few other teammates joined him.

“I’m telling you bro, Coach ain’t replacing Taylor as Quarterback this season. But we need a running back real bad!” said Carlos while spotting Leif on the weight bench.

“Hmm..I guess that’s fair, I’ll play where the team needs me,” said Leif benching the heavy bar.

The weight room door opened and Evan entered, stretching his shoulders. Leif glanced up and made eye contact with him, before they both turned away.

“Yo Evan you lifting today, bro?” asked Carlos.

“Just a little, I wanted to get some cardio in,” said Evan pointing toward the treadmill room in back.

Leif sat up on the bench while his eyes followed Evan who fled to the rear.

“Carlos I’m gonna stretch, and I know you want to put heavier weights on this bar,” said Leif standing up.

“Good idea bro, go stretch! I don’t need you getting injured on your first official practice!” barked Carlos, prepping the bar for heavier weights.

Leif smiled and headed for the treadmill room. When he entered his eyes caught Evan’s, who evaded.

“Hey manager Evan, thank you for the ride yesterday and also I have my first practice today!” he smiled.

“Ha, it’s cool dude, and yeah I know about your practice, I make the roster,” said Evan smiling and setting up a treadmill.

“Oh right! Hey, remember when we discussed proper stretching techniques in your sports medicine training?” asked Leif

“Oh yeah, I remember, why? Do you need help with your warm up stretching?”

“Yes, I mean..if that’s ok?” asked Leif, humbly.

Evan stepped forward and lifted Leif’s wrist to measure his pulse.

“Alright, before we get started let me at least make sure you’re..hey…your heartbeat is a little- Oh!”

Leif wrapped his arms around Evan, and kissed him. After a moment Evan resisted.

“Dude, what are you doing? I’m not gay!”

Leif stood befuddled.

“I don’t know this word…Does it mean I am not your type?” asked Leif.

“Type? Dude? I ..I mean…we can’t-”

“You aren’t saying no!” whispered Leif.

He pulled Evan again, and kissed him long and hard.

Evan’s defenses crumbled as Leif held him and ravaged his mouth and neck, before reaching below.

“Oh no!” Evan stepped back. “Leif, I don’t know where you’re from…but here…we can’t do this.”

“Do what? Kiss each other?..Well perhaps not in public since displays of affection-”

“Leif, we can’t..not in New Mexico,” said Evan picking up his bag to leave.

Leif stared at Evan, dejected, “Evan…I’m sorry if I upset you..I didn’t know-”

Evan put his hand on top of Leif’s head to pat him, and smirked.

“Dude!..I know, it’s cool. Just..don’t be late for practice!”

Evan tried to walk away but Leif held his arm, and the two stood in silence for a moment, before facing each other.

“Leif..I gotta go..”

“..Ok..I’ll….I won’t be late for practice,” said Leif, releasing Evan.

Evan walked to the door and half turned, as if to speak again, but remained silent then left the room.


Maya ate and joked with a crew of cool sophomore girls at lunch, but after twenty minutes she grew concerned not seeing Rylan or her brother in the cafeteria.

Stupid Leif, he’s probably working out or something…but where’s Rylan?

Maya excused herself and bee-lined for the auditorium. As she reached the main doors Rylan, Rebecca and Anya stepped out in front of her.

Maya waved, “Rylan, you…why are you with Anya?” she said staring at the raven haired teacher.

“As opposed to being with you? Hmph!” pouted Anya.

Rylan glanced at Anya then Maya and uttered, “Uh, well..she-”

“Hello to you too Maya, and who’s Anya?” asked Rebecca.

Maya smirked.

“Oh, I’m sorry these days she goes by Ms. Cesar, ruler of chemistry class,” snarked Maya glaring at Anya.

“Heh heh, that’s pretty funny,” laughed Rylan.

Anya scowled at Rylan.

“It’s not funny how she disrespects me Rylan, after all I did for her, hmph I’m leaving!”

Anya stormed off ten feet then spun around.

“Hi, all three of you have fourth period lab with me today, don’t be late!”

“We won’t Ms. Cesar,” chorused Rebecca, Rylan and Maya.

“Oh, you’re all such fine students, except for you Maya!” barked Anya vanishing down the hall.

Maya shook her head and faced Rylan.

“What did Anya want?” she asked him.

“Uh? She um-”

“She decided we have to be rivals and friends,” said Rebecca.

Maya turned to Rebecca puzzled.

“I’m sorry, what did Ms. Cesar decide now?”

Rebecca reached in her bag and pulled out a handful of tickets, then placed two in Maya’s hand.

“Ms. Cesar and I were girl talking,” said Rebecca.

“Girl talking about what?” snapped Maya balling a fist and nearly crushing the tickets.

Rebecca jumped back, startled.

“Maya!” growled Rylan, defending Rebecca.

Maya glanced at Rylan’s angry face and composed herself.

“Hmph..What were you saying Rebecca?” asked Maya.

Rebecca continued.

“I was just saying that Ms. Cesar told me that your tough girl act was just a front and you were a really sweet girl and a science nerd like me!” she smiled.

Maya stepped back, unsure of Rebecca.

“Did Ms. Cesar really tell you that or is this a prank? Because if it is-”

“Eh? No no, Rylan tell her,” begged Rebecca.

Rylan put his hand on Maya’s shoulder.

“Maya it’s cool. Ms. Cesar approved the funding for the play…provided we meet a few of her conditions.”

He pointed to the ticket in Maya’s hand. She read the print.

“Greater city fair? What is this?”

Rylan and Rebecca smirked.

“Ms. Cesar bought all of us tickets to the fair…as part of those conditions,” said Rylan scratching his head.

Maya crossed her arms and glared at Rylan with her eyes squinted shut.

“Tell me more about these…conditions..Rylan-Rilly!”

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Chapter 6 – Depleted

Dismissal at Homestead Elementary

Chloe laughed with her classmates as they stood outside the school waiting for their parents to pick them up. Her friend Lisa spotted Rylan and Maya in the parking lot.

“Chloe, who’s that girl walking with your brother? She’s so pretty!” said Lisa.

Chloe spun around.

“Eeeh? Oh ya, that’s Leif’s sister Maya. She’s awesome too, but she’s always serious,” said Chloe.

“Oh? She looks like she’s happy today. Is she your brother’s girlfriend?”

Chloe paused with her finger on her lip.

“Hmm, she does look happy today, but no they’re more like husband and wife, hee hee!” she chuckled and ran toward Rylan and Maya. “Bye Lisa!”

“Bye Chloe! See you tomorrow!”


Chloe dashed top speed and jumped on Rylan with her arms around his neck, pulling him down.

“Hi Rylan, Hi Maya!”

“Oww, Chloe you’re heavy-”

“Stop crying Rylan and explain to Chloe that we’re all going to the city fair on Saturday.”

Chloe’s eyes widened.

“Really? We’re going to the fair?”

“We sure are,” answered Maya, “Because we have to go! It’s part of the conditions your brother agreed to, to keep his mistress happy!” she said shooting an evil smile at Rylan.

“Eh? What’s a mistress?” asked Chloe

Rylan, red faced, took control of the conversation.

“Chloe don’t listen to Maya, she’s just mad because she has to compete with Rebecca Li for the princess part in the school play.”

“You mean make friends with Rebecca Li, don’t you Rylan?” said Maya, she then turned to Chloe, “You see Chloe, if Rylan wants the money for his school festival play, Rebecca Li and I have to prove a documented friendship before we can compete for the princess part,” said Maya with a fake smile.

Chloe laughed while she climbed in the car.

“You guys are silly! And I know Rebecca Li. She was in Rylan’s seventh grade play in junior high!” blabbed Chloe.

Maya’s smile grew.

“Ooooh? Is that right? So Rebecca’s worked with your brother on stage before?” she turned to Rylan, “Which means you and her have a history together, how interesting.”

“I mean, you know, small town and all,” Rylan mumbled averting his eyes.

Chloe interrupted.

“So we’re going with Rebecca to the fair? I like her, she’s nice to me. And Maya, you should be friends with her, she’s smart and pretty like you!”

“Eh?” blushed Maya, not prepared for the direct compliment from Chloe.

“I mean if you have to compete for the princess part in the play, that’s going to be hard because you both look like princesses, hmm..” she paused, “But who’s going to play the knight?”

Maya chuckled and glanced over at Rylan, who turned to Chloe with a purple face.

“Uhh…as part of the financing conditions…I have to play the part of the knight,” he trailed off.

Maya burst out laughing while speeding down the street, but Chloe figured it all out.

“Wait, so Maya and Rebecca have to become friends and then they have to compete to be the princess in a play?…Where they can kiss Rylan?”

“Um..I mean..in a roundabout way,” said Rylan squinting and avoiding eye contact with Maya.

“Roundabout? Oh you are in denial! Haha!” laughed Maya.

Rylan tried to defend himself, but even Chloe laughed at him in the back seat.

“I have no friends,” he frowned.

“No, you don’t! But you do have an evil mistress hell bent on causing trouble for you in school!” said Maya.

“What? Anya’s not my mistre-”

“I’m sorry, I meant your lover!”

Chloe lit up.

“Eh? Rylan has a lover?”

“No Chloe, I don’t have-”

“-The good sense to say ‘no’ to that woman is what you don’t have!” huffed Maya. “And your friend Rebecca, just as bad as you, falls for Anya’s plastic ‘girl talk’ and ‘we should be friends’ because we’re science nerds-”

Rylan shot a hard glare at Maya.

“Well at least Rebecca’s making an attempt, and all you’re doing is mocking her,” he said, dead serious.

Maya stopped talking, and kept her eyes on the road. An uncomfortable silence befell the car.

“Maya…I’m sorry I didn’t mean-”

“No, Rylan..you’re right…I seem to be the only one…mad about everything,” said Maya.

More silence in the car, before.



Rylan paused and faced her.

“You…you agreed to these terms with Rebecca to compete for the part…Why?…I mean, you don’t really have to do any of this.”

Maya’s face grew somber.

“I know, but I want to,” she slowed the car down, “Because I read your play and I…I liked it a lot, that’s all.”

Rylan hid the pride swelling in his face.

“…Really? Thank you..I worked hard writing it, and I really want to present it,” he said in a low calm voice.

“I know you do Rylan…so do I.”

She smiled with her eyes on the road.

The Next Day- Friday

Leif slipped out of his morning math class early and dashed for the second floor. As he walked the hallway the bell rang and he casually waited outside of a juniors’ English class for a student named Evan.

As Evan exited the class Leif spotted him and tapped his shoulder.

“Manager Evan~” he smiled.

Evan turned, surprised.

“L-Leif?…What are you doing here dude?”

“Hi, I have tickets to the county fair and I think we should go!”

Evan blushed.

“The fair? Oh…I don’t know,” he said turning and walking away.

Leif chased him.

“Evan, wait..you did not speak to me at practice yesterday..are you still upset with me?”

“No, not at all…you know how it is Leif, you’re an awesome athlete so you don’t need much instruction from me,” said Evan, slowing down his hurried pace.

“But Manager Evan, that’s not true at all? I’m still new to football and..”

Evan squinted.

“Then..I don’t know what to tell you Lief.”

He tried to speed off, but Lief grabbed his bicep and stopped him, cold.

“Evan, when I see you around other teammates and students you’re always a leader amongst them…but when you speak to me…it is, ‘I don’t know’ and ‘can’t’…and I don’t understand why it’s this way.”

Evan pulled his arm away and kept his back to Leif.


“Yes Evan?”

Evan turned halfway.

“I’m free Saturday.”

Evan said no more and walked away. Leif smiled, but remained calm, and strolled the other direction with a hop in his step.



Before lunch Rylan headed for an empty chemistry lab on the fourth floor. He had a quick appointment with Anya and knew if he didn’t meet her she would only corner him later.

What kind of nonsense is Anya going to get me into?

He opened the classroom door and found her sitting by the front desk correcting papers.

“Uhh..Ms. Cesar?”

“Come here Rylan, and lock the door behind you,” she said not turning away from her papers.

He flipped the latch and walked toward her. She stood and greeted him, pushing her glasses up.

“Hello sweetie, I won’t keep you, I’m just gonna tell you what’s gonna happen.” She paused, “..You didn’t tell Maya about meeting me today did you?”

“No! And only because I’m curious what you have to say,” he answered.

Anya’s eyes narrowed and she smiled.

“You’re a good man Rylan…a man of values…” She moved closer to him.

“Baby…In a week or so the ampsediun in your yard should be replenished enough to open a gate. Now when that gate opens those two brats are going to want to haul me away, and collect a bounty on me…and I can’t have that.”

I see now. You’re making plans.

“Anya..From what I understand you’re a criminal and capturing you is the twins’ prerogative-”

Anya grabbed his face.

“Rylan…you do understand that I can kill Maya and Leif and take you and your sister any time I want? That must be clear to you at this point.”

Rylan hid all fear.

“Well, from how I saw Maya handle her sword against you-”

Before Rylan could blink, Anya shifted her sword hilt to a handgun and stuck the barrel in his face.

“Oh shit!”

He stumbled back and Anya holstered the weapon.

“The twins have no ammunition and I destroyed their useless sentinels, and your sweet Maya…is no sword fighter.”

Rylan called her bluff.

“If that’s the case then why haven’t you killed them yet?” he barked.

“Kill the twins? Haha! Sweet Rylan, if I kill them now you’d be uncontrollable. But if I use them as leverage and spare them,” she stared deep in his eyes, “…and I leave your sister alone, I gather you’ll be more accommodating of me.”

Rylan glared.

“You would threaten my sister?”

“Hee hee, I don’t have to. All I’d do is call child services and have them ask why a nine year old girl is living in a house full of unsupervised minors.”

A cold sweat ran through Rylan. The truth laid out before him.

Anya is a sociopath with nothing to lose and I have everything to lose..Damn..

Anya pulled him close, her lips grazing his.

“Listen to me pretty boy, I need to do some less-than-legal things in an around this town, and for my own reasons…I’m going to need you to accompany me.”

Rylan balked at her request.

“Accompany you?…How would I get away from Maya-”

“I don’t give a damn, she’s not my girlfriend! You just make sure she keeps her pretty nose out of your business or I’ll cut it off!” growled Anya.

She’s serious.

“Ok…and if I accompany you…and help you do these things..what happens when the gate opens?”

Anya calmed herself and pulled him close.

“Baby…then I’m going to take what I intended from this world and I’m going to leave,” she pulled his face to hers, “…And you’ll never see me again!”

She kissed him.


He tried to resist, but she held him down, and unfastened his belt.

“..Anya.. wait!”

“Shut up!”

Rylan learned just how strong Anya was, as she pinned him on the lab desk and lowered his briefs.

“Anya, please..I .I”

“Ssh, you be quiet boy!” she growled in his ear, as she exposed him, grabbed him, and gently stroked him.


“Oh look who’s awake now, mmm? You like that don’t you baby? Yeah, come on!” She gripped him tighter and stroked faster.


“That’s right Rylan, say my name, spill it out for me..”

She kissed his face and neck, and stroked harder. After a moment.


“Yaaas! There’s my stud, all empty like a good boy,” she leaned into him. “Now don’t you feel better after momma gave you a tug..hee hee,” she cackled.

Rylan, breathing heavy, pulled his pants up and sat back, depleted.

“Please don’t ever do that again…” he said.

“Eh? Why baby? Are you over me already? Then I was just a fling, hmph!”

She reached across the table and tossed him a roll of paper towels.

“Clean yourself up. And here’s the deal. Sunday, the second half of the high school football game you and me are going to split early. We have an appointment with someone in town.”

Rylan said nothing as he fastened himself and gathered his things. Without saying goodbye he stepped out the door.


He paused and faced her.


“I’m an experienced woman. And I can do terrible things to you to bring you pleasure and pain..” she stared in his eyes.. “But if you cross me…just imagine what I’ll do to Maya..”

Rylan gulped and kept eye contact.

“..I understand,” he said.

“Of course you do Rylan, I knew you would..”

Rylan turned away and exited the classroom, shutting the door behind him.

Chapter 7 – Date At The City Fair


Rylan placed the city fair tickets he’d received from Anya on his kitchen table.

Why is that woman making us do this?

As part of Anya’s ‘conditions,’ Maya, Rebecca and himself would attend the fair together as friends. They were required to snap photos of themselves having a good time, and show the photos to Anya on Monday as ‘proof of friendship.’ In return, Anya would release surplus club funds for Rylan’s play.

Whatever, I just need to be cool and find out what Anya really wants.

He pushed Anya out of his mind and focused on the fun he’d have today. In his yard a silver pickup truck pulled in and parked. Rylan walked outside and smiled as Evan exited the truck.

“Hey brother-man, what have you been up to?” said Rylan.

Evan, wearing a tan cowboy hat, grinned as they bro-hugged.

“I’m good dude! I just came to pick up the golden boy, Leif,” joked Evan.

“Yeah I know, you football jocks gonna take my baby sis to the rodeo in the fair?” teased Rylan.

Evan chuckled

“Aaaayup! You know I’m just a cowboy!” laughed Evan.

“Haha man you got that right with your pickup truck, your ‘village people’ costume and your high school football!” laughed Rylan pointing at his hat.

“Heh heh, yeah I can’t argue. But speaking of football, how come you don’t play no more, dude? The team could really use a receiver like you,” asked Evan.

Rylan smiled.

“Nah bro, I’m kind of a single parent these days with just me and Chloe here. But thanks for asking,” then he pumped his bicep and grinned, “And yes, I still got the arm!”

“Haha I hear you dude, but this guy Leif…I’ve never seen anyone move like him on the field. Are you guys related?” asked Evan.

Rylan blinked.

“Uhh, no, Leif and his sister are exchange students from…another dimension.”

“Haha, yeah, he’s certainly different,” said Evan.

From behind Rylan Leif and Chloe raced to the front door, each shouting, “I won! No you didn’t, I won!”

Chloe dashed down the steps first with her eyes on Evan.

“Hi Evan!”

“Hi Chloe, you remember me?”

“Of course I do, I told Leif you were the quarterback on my brother’s team in junior high. I used to go to all your games!..Well, to watch my brother play~”

“Ha, that’s cool too!” he high fived her.

Leif gaped at Evan and smiled.

“Manager Evan? That’s a cool hat you’re wearing, and is this true? Were you a quarterback?” asked Leif.

“..Yeah I was a quarterback like a hundred years ago,” said Evan, turning away.

“Man, that was three years ago, I caught five of your touchdowns,” said Rylan.

“Five touchdowns? Wow, you both continue to amaze me. And Manager Evan…I shall study my football under you!” said a beaming Leif, locking eyes with Evan.

“That’s cool, I guess,” said Evan, blushing under his hat.

Rylan sensed something between them, but let it go.

“Evan, Leif, text me after the rodeo, we’ll all meet up by the roller coasters or something.”

Rylan handed the trio their tickets and waved goodbye as they pulled out in the pickup truck. He felt more secure with Evan accompanying Leif and Chloe since he’d known Evan since elementary school and their years playing junior high football.

Team Captain Evan, a responsible dude. I’m glad you made friends with him Leif.

Blue Doll

Rylan stepped back in his kitchen and checked his watch.

“Hey Maya, are you ready? We’re supposed to meet Rebecca-”

“Did they leave?” she shouted from the back room, hiding herself.

Rylan smirked.

“Uh, you mean Leif and his boyfriend? Heh heh, yeah they’re gone, why?”

“Because I don’t want them to see me!” she yelled.

Rylan paused.

“See you? Why? I thought– oh my!”

Maya emerged from the shadows wearing a thigh high blue baby doll dress and tan cowgirl boots. She smiled but kept her classic ‘tsundere’ pout as she twirled for Rylan.

“W-Well..do I look like a New Mexico girl?” she asked, humbly.

Rylan sensed her vulnerability, and like an evil big brother, he frowned.

“Mmm..I don’t know, maybe you can pass for an Oklahoma girl-”

“What?” her face went full scowl. “Is that an in insult? Do the woman of Oklahoma not dress appropriately? I’m going to change!” she stormed to the back.

Rylan, barely holding his laughter, grabbed her wrist and spun her around.

“Maya, I’m kidding, you look fine,” he said with a smile.

“Eh? Fine? I don’t want to look fine, I want to be at the beauty standards of a proper New Mexico girl..like..like..”

“Like Rebecca Li?” he asked.

Maya averted her eyes.

“Uh…well, i-if she is the standard-”

“Maya, stop,” he said locking her gaze.

Emotion flooded Rylan as he stared in her eyes, but he composed himself with the maturity of a parent.

“Maya, in the five days I’ve known you, you’ve gone from an arrogant and unfriendly bounty hunter to a normal highschool girl worried about how you look in front of your peers.”

Maya’s eyes grew sad.

“You’re right, this is bad, I’m losing my way and-”

Rylan laughed.

“No, this is not bad,” he smiled, “Truthfully, I think you hanging out and making friends is adorable and normal, hahah!”

“Eh? Well…why are you laughing at me then?” she asked.

“I’m not laughing at you, I’m happy you’re taking an interest in things. Hell, until a day or two ago I wondered if you were even human,” he grasped both of her wrists, “And now I see that you are…a little-”

“Excuse me? A little?” she asked, confused by his statement.

Rylan squinted and grinned with evil.

“Heh heh, what I meant was you’re almost there. I’d give you another week before I can really call you human, and a month before I can call you ‘Ms. New Mexico,’ hahaha!”

Rylan patted her head, grinning like an idiot, while Maya’s eyes narrowed to thin slits.

“What did you just say to me?” she snarled with clenched teeth, and her hands balled into fists.

Rylan’s goofy smile turned to fear as he backed up.

“Oh Maya..uh..there’s no need to make fists and-”

Without another word, he turned and bolted out the front door.

Eeeep! I gotta ditch this chick!

He ran outside and jumped in the driver’s seat of the car.

“Keys, keys, keys!” he muttered rummaging through his pockets.

As he fumbled for the car keys, Maya strolled out of the house and calmly stood in front of the car. Staring at Rylan, she shifted her weight to one side of her leg, and with a cruel smile…dangled the car keys in front of him.

Jingle! Jingle! Jingle!

Rylan stopped fumbling and stared at Maya, in her new boots, and new dress, with her light brown hair down.


Adrift in her eyes, he forgot himself. Until she threw the keys at the windshield.

“Aah! You crazy girl, I take it back, you ain’t human!”

As she grinned and walked toward the driver’s side door, Rylan reached over and locked it, smiling in triumph.

“Haha, I’m too slick for you girl-”

She frowned, and unlocked the door.

“Oh no, I forgot she had the key! Eeeep!”


Leif, Chloe and Evan had a blast at the fair’s rodeo. With the show over, they had time to kill before meeting with Rylan and Maya. Chloe walked between Evan and Leif holding their arms and pulled them toward the carnival games.

“Evan, Lief, you guys are sports heroes, you can win me a big bear hee hee!”

“I’ll win you the biggest bear Chloe, and one for you too Evan!” said Leif.

“Ya, win won for Evan!” echoed Chloe.

Evan smirked red faced.

“Thank you, I appreciate it but-”

“But nothing, Manager Evan! Today is a day of glory and conquest!” said Leif staring at the carnival games and balling a fist, “I shall defeat these ‘carnies’ and win their precious bears for Chloe and you!”

Leif stared at Evan with the nice guy thumbs up and a smile. Evan shook his head and laughed.

“Dude, you’re so weird, heh heh!”

“I know, isn’t he great?” shouted Chloe.

Leif ignored their comments, “Come my friends, glorious battle awaits us!”

The trio wandered to the carnival games areas laughing and smiling. Chloe stopped them at one stand where vendors painted animal faces on customers.

“Ooh, I want to be a tiger!” she shouted.

“Indeed!” agreed Leif.

As the trio sat Chloe down for her face painting Leif spotted a carnival game with patrons throwing darts at balloons.

“Evan, they’re throwing shadow darts to destroy the balloons, and they are failing. Are they so weak?”

“Well, most of these games are kinda rigged so you have to be pretty deadly- ..hey Leif where you going?”

“I’m quite deadly Manager Evan,” said Leif in his most cool stride, walking five feet to the game.

Leif bought ten darts from the vendor and glanced back at Evan and Chloe.

“Yay, Leif! Win us a teddy bear!” said Chloe.

“Yeah dude, do your thing,” said Evan with a teasing fist pump.

Leif puffed his chest out, stepped up to the counter with five darts in each hand…crossed his arms..and tossed the darts ninja style.

A whipping wind sound struck all players as Leif chucked each dart like a frisbee from each hand, with blinding speed. Everyone around the game booth stopped and watched Leif miss nothing, striking all ten balloons.

“What the fuck?” muttered Evan, in disbelief.

Leif chucked the darts so hard each stuck in the wall behind the burst balloons. Afterward, Leif high fived some cheering onlookers and spoke with the vendor before turning to Evan.

“Manager Evan, the vendor says if I do it again he’ll give me his biggest teddy bear. Is that cool or what?”

Evan smiled, his eyes bright.

“Yer a freaking shinobi, dude!”

Chloe, her face now a tiger, tapped Evan.

“Do you know why he’s so amazing?” she asked.

Evan grinned, staring at Leif.

“No, tell my why he’s so amazing.”

“Because he’s really a bounty hunter from another dimension,” whispered Chloe.

Evan double took at Chloe, and smirked when he saw her painted face.

“Is that what he is? Well, I guess that would explain a lot of things.”

“Yup!” agreed Chloe, with her thumbs up.

A moment later.

“Evan, Chloe I did it again!” shouted Leif, surrounded by a clapping crowd.

Fall Behind

Rylan and Maya arrived at the city fair and wandered the grounds before meeting Rebecca. Mariachi bands singing, people laughing and the smell of food permeated the scene.

“Wow! There are many different types earthlings on your world,” said Maya marveling at the lively crowd.

“Oh yeah, we earthlings are certainly diverse,” said Rylan with a smirk.

A few minutes later he spotted Rebecca and two of her friends standing on line for the ‘WildCat’ roller coaster ride.

“Yo, Becca!” he shouted.

Rebecca smiled and waved hello. She then dashed at Rylan and grabbed his arm, “Hi you guys, come on!” she shouted, pulling him away from Maya and toward the roller coaster line.

For a second Maya stood still as Rylan and Rebecca left her standing alone, a third wheel. But before Maya could move on her own…

“Hey you! Don’t fall behind” said Rylan.

He reached out and took Maya’s hand, pulling her close to him.

“..I..ah..” said Maya. Her face bright red as she sandwiched Rylan between herself and Rebecca.

As the friends all stood in line talking, Rebecca hugged Rylan’s right arm and dominated the conversation. On Rylan’s left stood a quiet Maya, having no need to hug Rylan’s left arm since Rylan still held her hand.

Maya lost herself in a daze, before.

“Maya, you ever been on a rollercoaster?” asked Rebecca.

“Eh?” she gazed at the full extension of the roller coaster track above her and scowled, “No, but if you’re implying I’d be afraid of some childish ride like this you’re sadly mistaken!”

“No problem, I feel the same way sister!” said Rebecca, smiling.

“Then I have allies indeed!” agreed Maya.

“Haha, easy for you girls to say when you’re safe in line, heh heh,” teased Rylan.

“Hmph!” pouted both girls.

Rylan chuckled as the Rebecca and Maya put up a united front of courage as they entered the gate for the WildCat roller coaster ride.

Five Minutes Later

“Aaaaaaaah!!” screamed a terrified Maya as the rollercoaster free falled down the first slope.

“Aaaah!..Omg, there’s another hill nooooo!” screamed Rebecca, shutting her eyes.

Rylan, seated in between Rebecca and Maya, laughed hysterically as each girl screamed their head off during the ups and downs of the ride.

A ‘scream queen’ competition is what this is, heh heh!

After the ride Rylan strolled from the coaster exit like a boss, as now both girls clung to each of his arms trembling with exhilaration from the ride. Of course Rylan had to tease them.

“Hello, I thought that was a childish ride you two?” he said, poking each pouting girl.

“You be quiet Rylan, you know you were scared too!” said Rebecca, holding him tight but turning her face away.

“I was only momentarily startled by the steep drop, nothing more!” said Maya, also holding him tight.

Rylan’s smug face said it all.

“Um hmm, ya’ll keep telling ya’ll selves that,” he laughed in a thick New Mexico cowboy drawl.

For the rest of the day and into the evening Maya, Rylan and Rebecca, laughed, won teddy bears, rode more rides, and took pictures documenting it all for themselves and Anya.

End of The Fair

By the early evening of the fair Leif and Evan dropped Chloe by Maya and Rylan and went their own way. And as the sun set for the later evening Rebecca and her friends said their goodbyes.

“Rylan, Maya I had such a good time with you guys!” beamed Rebecca standing in between them.

“Yes, I did too!” smiled Maya.

“Yeah man, had a blast!” said Rylan.

“But guys, don’t forget we have to go shopping tomorrow for the princess dress before the game since Anya released the drama club funds on friday,” said Rebecca, while kissing Rylan and Maya on the lips,Mua! Call me tomorrow, we’ll meet at my place before the game, bye guys!”

With that Rebecca ran off with her other friends while Rylan and Maya both watched her vanish in the crowd. Chloe broke their silence.

“Rylan, she kissed you and Maya on the lips!”

“What?” he turned to Chloe, “Yeah she did, she’s just friendly that way!” he said patting her head.

The trio picked up the three stuffed animals Leif and Evan won for Chloe and left for home.

Maya and Rylan

Once at the house Rylan carried four jumbo sized bears from the car into the kitchen. Three belonged to Chloe and one, the smallest, belonged to Maya. While Maya tended to Chloe.

“Chloe honey, go ahead and start washing your face paint off,” said Maya.

“Ok!” said Chloe running to the back.

Rylan sat the bears down on the table then presented Maya with the bear he won for her.

“Hey, I’m sorry I didn’t win you won of those super big bears,” he said with a smile.

She also smiled and spoke.

“That’s ok! I really don’t want one that big!” she laughed but grew serious, “Rylan…I really had a good time today with you and Rebecca. And she’s actually nice once you get to know her.”

“Yeah she is. But sometimes she has trouble expressing it, but she’s getting better…Like another person I know,” he said staring at her.

Maya turned away.

“Mm..I don’t like when you compare me to her, but during the fair she held onto your arm…and when we left..she kissed you on your lips…and she did that before in the auditorium,” said Maya.

Rylan evaded the implication.

“It’s no big deal. I’ve known Rebecca since junior-”

“Do you want her to be your girlfriend?” she asked, her eyes locked on his.

Rylan paused before answering.

“I mean, it’s not like I haven’t thought of it…but the way things are .. Why are you asking me this?”

“To hear your answer,” said Maya

They stood silent.

“Mayaaa! I can’t get all the paint off!” cried Chloe from the back bathroom.

“I’m coming!” shouted Maya.

Still staring at Rylan, she walked toward him and gently grabbed his face and kissed him on the lips.

“Eh? Why did you do that?” asked Rylan.

Before she answered, she kissed him again.

“…Hmm…Rebecca kissed you twice in front of me. And I just wanted those kisses back..that’s all.”

Rylan didn’t speak as Maya turned and walked to the back bathroom to take care of Chloe. A moment later Rylan’s phone vibrated, and when he checked the phone number he let it buzz a few times before answering.

Click, “…..Hello…”

The caller remained silent for a moment before answering.

“Well aren’t you the happy playboy with your three beautiful girls competing for your heart, hm hm hm hm,” the voice snickered.

“…What do you want…Anya?” whispered Rylan.

“Me? Oh sweetie, I won’t keep you and make your wife jealous. I just missed you and wanted to remind you that you and I have an appointment tomorrow to go meet someone during the football game.”

“Yes..I’m aware,” he muttered, checking if Maya and Chloe were still in the bathroom, “..And I’m ready, so goodnight Anya-”

“Aww, hanging up on your mistress so soon? Well, let me give you some advice before you go. Those two little girls, Rebecca and Maya, don’t love you Rylan. They’re just competing over you because that’s what little girls do…and hence, they can never love you like I can, stud! Hee hee hee, mua!”

She blew a kiss threw the phone and hung up.


Rylan stood in silence. After a wonderful day Anya reminded him that she was dangerous, and he needed to do things to prevent her from hurting anyone he cared for.

Evil woman.

And she also voiced out loud what Rylan suspected were Rebecca and Maya’s true motivations for behaving so affectionately toward him.

“They’re just competing over you because that’s what little girls do.”

Yeah Anya..I kinda thought that too…

Leif and Evan

A few hours later Evan drove toward the house to drop Leif off. Leif suggested they stop a little ways up the road, and park on the side away from all traffic.

Alone, in Evan’s truck in the dark, the teen athletes caressed each other and kissed passionately.

“You will no longer resist me!” whispered Leif, removing Evan’s shirt.

“Yes I will, cause that’s how I am!” said Evan, pulling Leif’s pants off.

The alpha males ravaged each other and rocked the pickup truck on it’s chassis. Astray and complete in the throes of young lust.


At Three Thousand words this is the longest chapter I’ve ever written. I hoped you liked it~ ^_^

Chapter 8- Sunday Night Lights

Sunday Night- Half Time

The deafening cheers from the Leadership high school football fans drowned every conversation in the stands. The new kid, Leif Alexander, scored three touchdowns by halftime for his team the Crimson Kings. Leif’s plays whipped the fans into a frenzy.

In the stands Rylan, Maya and Chloe cheered along with Rebecca and her friend Stacy.

“Yaaa! Leif is so awesome!” Chloe screamed.

“Wooo, hell yeah he is!” shouted Rebecca’s friend Stacy, her eyes starstruck at the young beautiful athlete. “So, ‘Maya’ right? Leif is your brother?” she asked.

Maya smirked.

“Yes, technically he’s my older brother by a few minutes,” she said glancing down at Leif on the field.

“Oh, you guys are twins? That is so cool, and you’re so pretty. So what are you guys’ signs?” asked Stacy.

Maya, unsure of the question, turned to Rylan who whispered in her ear, “She means your date of birth.”

“Oh! According to my calculations, Leif and I would’ve have been born on this world on August eighth, sixteen years to the day,” said Maya.

Everyone stared at her with confused looks. Except for Rylan who covered his mouth to hold his laughter, and Stacy who understood Maya clearly.

“Ok, so you guys are Leos. Which means your strengths are: creative, passionate, generous, and cheerful. Your weaknesses: arrogant, stubborn, lazy, and inflexible,” said Stacy to Maya.

Maya’s jaw dropped.

“Wow! How do you know so much about my brother if you’ve never met him?…Do you have special technology?” she asked Bright eyed.

Rylan lost it.

“Ha ha! Maya, all horoscopes say that about people, it’s not special,” he said.

“That’s not true Rylan!” said Stacy, upset. “And you should talk because I’ve known your Pisces butt forever and-”

Rylan’s phone buzzed, and as he checked the message his smile vanished.

“Uhh..ladies, I’m going to have to leave you guys early. I have to go to work for a little while at the motorcycle shop,” said Rylan, collecting his bag.

This surprised Rebecca.

“Motorcycle shop? I thought you stopped working for Mr. Rios a year ago?” she asked.

Thanks Rebecca, why don’t you blab about me a little more.

“No, I never stopped. I just help him when he gets overwhelmed. Anyway, I’ll see you guys later.”

Maya gazed at him with a concerned face.

“Rylan, call me I’ll pick you up” she said.

“No, Maya, don’t worry, I’ll get a ride…I’ll just be a few hours.”

The girls waved goodbye, but Maya squinted her eyes at Rylan before he vanished from the football stadium.

“Hmph!” she pouted, before re-joining Rebecca and Stacy’s conversation.

Parking Lot

Rylan hustled out to the stadium parking lot where a black SUV pulled alongside of him and honked. He opened the passenger door and entered the truck only to be grabbed and kissed by the driver, Anya Cesar.

“Anya? What the hell?” he growled pushing her away.

“Stop crying Rylan, how else am I gonna make a man out of you?” she cooed.

“You don’t need to do anything for me…Let’s just go do what you need, ok?”

“You’re such a sour puss!” she giggled, “And that’s why I painted my sweet cherry lipstick on your mouth!”


He tried to check his face in the visor mirror but Anya smashed the gas pedal and raced out of the parking lot, forcing his head back into his seat.

“Good gravy! Why do you outer dimensional girls have to drive like this?”

“Hee hee!”

Bent Spoke

Anya and Rylan jumped on the expressway enroute to the industrial side of the city. When they arrived Rylan recognized the Junkyards and bars of the area since he would ride his motorcycle to this section hunting for used bike parts.

“This is not the nicest part of town,” said Rylan.

“Whaaa? I hope you aren’t scared, ya stud. I need you to protect me!” She squeezed his cheek with a smirk.

She pulled the truck into the parking lot of the ‘Bent Spoke’ biker bar, the main hangout spot of the Son’s of Fire biker club. In front of the bar a row of Harley Davidson motorcycles lined the black painted dive. An ominous sight to any outsider

“Anya, I don’t think we’re allowed in that bar,” said Rylan.

“Nonsense, it’s a free country, come on I’ll buy you a drink.”

Rylan shook his head while Anya exited and strolled to the back of the truck wearing tight black jeans, black boots and a slim white blouse that hugged her breasts when she stretched.

She pulled a black leather ‘bowling’ bag from the vehicle rear, then walked to the passenger side to let Rylan out. But he sat still.

“I’m not going in there-”

“Oh yes you are, now come on!”

She grabbed his arm, yanked him out of the passenger seat, and dragged him through the parking lot. As they reached the bar entrance the sound of drunken laughter and jukebox country rock filled the air.

Anya opened the door and the two stepped inside and faced a large bouncer. She glared at the big man and he recognized her.

“Yeah, Jed’s in the back waiting for you. Wait, this kid with you too? He ain’t supposed to be in here!”

“There’s a lot of things that ain’t supposed to be in here,” she retorted.

She grabbed Rylan’s hand and walked through the crowd of grizzled bikers, who all cat-called her but none dared touch.

“Heh heh, these idiots won’t grope me because they think I’m Jed’s girl,” said Anya.

“Who’s Jed?” asked Rylan.

“You’ll see, hee hee!”

They reached the back of the bar and the owner, and leader of the Son’s of Fire biker gang, Jed Litey, sat amongst his crew. He gestured for them to leave when Anya approached the table as he stood up to greet her.

“Hello beautiful, I truly hoped I’d see you again soon, have a seat!” His voice a raspy western drawl.

Rylan sat while Anya placed the bowling ball bag on the table.

“Hello again Jed. Now you said you had what I wanted and I promised you that I would do that little extra thing for you..” she reached in the bag and pulled two slim gold bars, each worth a hundred thousand dollars.

Jed, a tall, bald and ruggedly handsome man, smiled at the gold bars.

“Heh, yeah, we agreed to the gold. But I don’t quite remember the other thing you said you promised.”

Anya lowered her head, wearing a cruel smile. She opened the bowling bag and displayed the contents to him.

Jed backed up startled, but kept his cool as he stared in the bag.

“Jesus H Christ lady…I was kidding about that-”

“No you weren’t, and this your property now!” She dropped the bag on the table and glared at Jed.

Rylan lifted his head and peeked in the bag. “Oh my god,” he muttered.

Inside the bag sat the decapitated head of a man he’d later find out was the leader of the Thracians, a rival biker gang to the Son’s of Fire. Anya killed him, and lopped off his head.

“Alright, I’ll take that cock-suckin’ Thracian’s head heh heh..now let’s get to business,” said Jed.

He reached in his pocket and placed a black cloth on the table, wrapped in the cloth were two yellow diamonds. Anya lit up.

“You got two for me, thank you Jed,” she said lifting one of the diamonds to the light.

“Hell darling, seeing what you did for me it wasn’t no trouble,” he said placing the bag with the head on the floor beside him. “Now, are those diamonds the ones you wanted?” he asked.

Anya blinked.

“I don’t know, I’ll just have to ask my partner here,” she said while opening Rylan’s hand and placing the two diamonds in them. “Close your hand Rylan, and tell me if these are the diamonds I want.”

Rylan looked at her confused, “How would I know if these diamonds are…what-”

A small surge of energy coursed through his palm. In moments his hand glowed a dim yellow.


He immediately dropped the diamonds on the table in front of a stunned Jed.

“What in the fuck happened to his hand? It was glowin yella!” Jed barked, staring at Rylan and his now normal hand.

Anya ignored Jed and faced Rylan, “Honey, did you feel power?” she asked him.

Rylan opened and closed his hand, “Yeah, there was a surge…the same surge I felt in the gym that day when you fought Maya.”

Anya, staring at Rylan, rose from her chair and laughed loud and long.

“Hahahahaha! Yes Jed, these are the diamonds that I want you Son of Fire!” said Anya.

Jed smiled.

“That’s the right answer, beautiful. And I can get em!”

“Good! And I need em sooner than later!” said Anya.

“Then sooner it is then! About fifty of them diamonds gonna park right here in Las Cruces at the Aneke vault on Tuesday. The owner rents his vault space for traveling collections, and these diamonds right here!” he pointed at the two diamonds, “They gonna be in the vault.”

Anya’s eyes narrowed to slits.

“Tuesday at the Aneke vault…good…my partner and I will be there-”

“Waitaminute lady, whaddya mean you gonna be there? The crew I hired don’t need no help-”

You hired?” Anya glared at Jed and stood up. “I think you oughta show more respect to my employer, Jed…My employer who plans on giving you bonus gold. Provided everything goes the way I want it to go, are we clear?” growled Anya.

Jed picked up the two gold bars off the table and turned to Anya.

“Normally I’d a slap the sass out of a bitch like you,” he snarled at her, “But it sure ain’t often one as pretty as you come in here with somethin’ like this,” he waved the gold bars at her.

“Thats right,” she purred, “And there’ll be more gold for you on Tuesday and afterwards. Because if this goes right Jed, my boss and I are gonna need you for another score!” said Anya, with a smile.

Jed grinned.

“In that case beautiful, you are welcome to go on that heist with the boys on Tuesday,” from under the table Jed caressed Anya’s leg, “But taggin’ along is gonna cost you extra!”

Anya smiled at his touch and leaned in.

“Sounds lovely handsome, add it to my bill. But only after I have the diamonds!” she said.

She then grabbed Jed’s face and jammed her tongue in his mouth, kissing him hard. The entire bar, full of Son’s of Fire gang members, erupted in yeehaws and cheers for their dear leader.

Anya released Jed who stood back with an alpha dog presence as his members high fived him for ‘owning’ and kissing a beautiful girl like Anya.

“Heh heh, that’s right Anya darling, you sealed that deal with a kiss,” said Jed with a smirk.

“Yes I did,” she stood up and turned to Rylan, “Were done here, let’s go.”

Anya picked up the two diamonds and dragged Rylan out of the bar amidst the cheering and jeering. In the fresh air of the parking lot she chuckled at the situation.

“Damn idiots think I’d fuck a fool like Jed, Hmph!” she said.

Rylan smirked.

“Well, you seemed convincing!”

“Yes, that was the point. Now get in the truck!”

The Ride Back

While Anya drove back to the football stadium Rylan continued to open and close his hand.

“What’s up baby, you still feel something?” asked Anya, concerned.

“No, not really. Just weird,” he faced her, “What’s up with those diamonds?”

She gave a sinister smile.

“Those diamonds are infused with ancient ampsediun from when this world was born. There’s nothing like them anywhere. And certainly not in my dimension,” she said.

Rylan paused.

“Wait…so are those diamonds worth a lot where you’re from?” he asked.

“They’re priceless baby, and I need all of them!”

“You…what? Anya are you a jewel thief?” asked Rylan, almost laughing.

Anya sat back aghast.

“A jewel thief?..I ..I..I’m much more than that!”

“Yeah you’re a motorcycle thief and a killer too!” he said.

“Baby? Where is all of this coming from? Do you want to make me cry? Oh boo hoo!” she cried.

“Oh please Anya, I ain’t buying that. Truth is you’re trouble and I don’t want you hurting anyone else.. So if you want to steal diamonds and go home,” he took a deep breath. “Then who am I to not help you?”

Her face lit up with joy.

“Really? Oh baby, I love you so much!”

She caressed his face but he pulled away.

“No you don’t!” he growled.

“Yes I do! And I love you more than that little bitch Maya does. Speaking of which Rylan, you make sure you keep all of this qui-”

“Yeah-Yeah, I’m not saying anything to Maya about any of this as long you hold up your end. When the gate or rift or whatever opens, you take your diamonds and you go quietly…and don’t hurt anyone else or chop off anybody else’s head…please! Ok?”

“Rylaaaaan,” Anya whined. “Don’t yell at me, I’ll be good!…or at least I’ll try for you baby!” she pinched his butt.

“Hmph!” he pouted staring out the window.

Anya smirked and segued the conversation.

“Rylan, I know you think I’m being funny about Maya but you have to believe me when I tell you that you can’t trust her. And there’s a reason you need to keep our little affair a secret from her.”

Rylan laughed.

“You really are something. You do all this evil stuff and then have to nerve to tell me I can’t trust the girl who’s done nothing but right by me-”

“Has she Rylan? Seriously?…What has Maya done for you?”

Rylan back tracked.

“Well..I mean”

“Think Rylan, what has she done? Steal your car and move in with you? Hmm?”

Rylan shrugged and Anya continued.

“Let me ask you something baby. If Maya’s here to bring me back dead or alive, much easier dead, then why am I still alive? And how come she hasn’t come for me by now? Hmm?..and her brother Leif..What’s he doing? Fucking cute cowboys and playing football?..Is that his motive for being here?” asked Anya.

“Well…I mean..the gate won’t open for another week,” muttered Rylan.

“Hahaha listen to yourself! You don’t even know the answer. Now I’m not saying I know Maya’s motives, but killing me absolutely isn’t one of them,” she grabbed his face, “So ask yourself Rylan, what does Maya really want?”

Rylan sat quiet in the passenger seat. His mind raced.

Anya’s right. If Maya wanted to kill Anya she had plenty of opportunities…..So what are Maya and Leif doing here? What do they really want?…

He’d ponder this question for the rest of the ride.


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